Choosing the Best Treble Hooks for your Lipless Crankbaits

Best Treble Hooks for Lipless Crankbaits

Choosing the Best Treble Hooks for your Lipless Crankbaits As the water warms in spring or cools in the fall, lipless crankbaits are often the best bait for bass. There is two types of [...]
flipping the drop-shot

Flipping the Drop-Shot

Bass Fishing
Flip-Shot for Pressured Bass DROP SHOT HISTORY Flipping was made popular by California’s Dee Thomas in 1975 when he won the Arkansas Invitational on Bull Shoals Lake utilizing a flipping technique derived from “tule [...]
wintertime crappie

Wintertime Crappie

Wintertime Crappie Fishing CRAPPIE FISHING IN THE WINTER CAN BE TOUGH Wintertime crappie fishing can be tough, but crappie caught in the winter months can be the biggest of the year. Most crappie will [...]
Know Your Crappie Temps

Know Your Crappie Temps

The Temps You Should Know for Crappie Fishing Spring means crappie season and anglers throughout the state hit the lakes to fill the livewell. The spawning season is by far the most popular time [...]
pan seared venison backstrap

Venison Backstrap Pan Seared

Pan Seared Venison Backstrap Recipe Pan Seared venison backstrap is a delicacy among deer hunters the world over. It’s served in restaurants as well, but probably under the name venison tenderloin. The backstrap is [...]
wild turkey salad recipe

Wild Turkey Salad Recipe

The first time I tried this recipe I cut the lettuce into a wedge because this is a wild turkey wedge salad recipe. The problem was the turkey wouldn’t stay on my lettuce […]
Rainbow Trout On Mouse Fly

Rainbow Trout On Mouse Fly

Alaskan Rainbow Trout With A Mouse Fly Rainbow trout are often caught with size 22 dry flies and near microscopic nymphs, fished under an indicator.  Delicate presentations are often thought to be the most effective. [...]
Cutthroat Trout Southeast Alaska

Cutthroat Trout Southeast Alaska

Alaska Cutthroat Trout When one says Alaska trout the first thing that pops into your mind is the mighty rainbow trout. However, the cutthroat is another Alaska trout that is just as feisty and can [...]

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