Air Fried Bluegill Fillets

Air Fried Bluegill Fillets

Air Fried Bluegill Fillets With Scales On

I love to cook and always looking for new ways to Enjoy The Harvest, trolling social media often in search of new recipes to try. I ran across this interesting recipe on a group that I run on Facebook. There were three things that stood out to me with this air-fried bluegill fillets recipe with scales on. The scales left on were interesting. I wasn’t scared of leaving scales on a fillet I had just never tried it. So it piqued my interest.

I can see two advantages of leaving the scales on a fillet, especially smaller fillets like this. The obvious advantage is the elimination of the removal of scales. The other was that it would help stiffen the fillet and as it cooked they would keep the fillet from curling. It is a recipe perfect for smaller bluegills and a great way to cook them. Here is the recipe by Jim Perry. Enjoy The Harvest.

“Tonight I cooked something I haven’t tried before in my 82 years. I cooked some small air-fried bluegill fillets with both skin and scales still on. Yes, I left the scales on the skin. Now, before you think negative things about this let me say it was great! I cooked them in my air fryer at 380 degrees for 10 minutes.” Jim Perry

Air Fried Bluegill Instructions

Fillet some small Kentucky Lake bluegill

I did remove the ribs when I dressed the fish with my electric knife

I Left the skin and scales on the fillet

Place the fillet skin-side down in my air fryer

I put a little olive oil in the pan before putting the fillets in

Sprinkle a little Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning on top of the fillets and that’s it

This seasoning is a little spicy so use at your own risk

When cooked the meat will release from the skin easily with a fork

The hush puppies were frozen and cooked along with the fillets inside the air fryer for the same amount of time and temperature

I buy these hush puppies at Harts Fish Market on 79 N near Paris Landing in Tennessee

If you have doubts about air-fried bluegill fillets then just cook one and try it

When cooking a thicker bluegill fillet in your air fryer increase the cooking time accordingly

If you are looking for a new way to prepare your fish be sure to give Jim Perry’s air-fried bluegill fillets with scales on a try.

Air Fried Bluegill Fillets
Delicious air fried bluegill fillets. Jim Perry











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