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Ashley Rae Giant Walleye

giant walleye



This video can mean a lot of different things to different people. It brings excitement to anyone that ice fishes and why wouldn’t it! It’s a giant walleye, bigger than most will ever get to see and why wouldn’t that be exciting. Ladies should get excited that a lady angler, especially one that’s working so hard to communicate the fishing lifestyle to ladies all over the world, was rewarded with such a great catch. Truly a catch of a lifetime, but I bet Ashley has more of them. As an outdoor communicator, I have followed Ashley throughout her journey for years and have even had the privilege to message with her a couple times.

The excitement that this video brings to me is from watching a fellow outdoor communicator experience something so exhilarating. The moment she pulled that giant walleye through the ice, that was her moment and will always be remembered as such. I can assure you that personal moment quickly transitioned to thoughts her fans and the many fans to come. When you decide to become an outdoor communicator the desire to share those moments that mean so much to you is real. Ashley is obviously an ambassador for the sport of fishing and the lifestyle it provides, but she is also an ambassador for all who are or want to be, outdoor communicators. I’m not going to say this made me cry cause I’m a tough old bird, but if it had made me cry and it didn’t, it was because I felt the emotion from both sides. The personal and the professional. That’s what made it exciting to me.

What I’ve noticed the most with Ashley is her enthusiasm for the fishing lifestyle. Always positive, upbeat and super creative with her communication style and it’s working. Ashley Rae has the perfect name, slogan, domain, mantra or whatever you like to call it which is   Congratulations on your giant walleye Ashley and to many more.

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