hunting with ozone generator

Bear Hunting With Ozone Generator

Ozonics Ozone Generator Bear Hunt I told a story yesterday about how a friend of mine shot a giant buck after fooling the noses of a bunch of does who were straight downwind of him. […]

sockeye salmon fishing

Tips Catching Sockeye Salmon

Fishing For The Sockeye Salmon In Alaska While the mighty Chinook and Coho salmon are the most sought after sport caught salmon in. Alaska it would be for their willingness to bight a lure or […]

chinook salmon fishing alaska

Chinook Salmon Fishing Alaska

Fishing For The Chinook Salmon In Alaska The King salmon is a formidable opponent. Hooked on a fly rod can cause heart palpitations. The power of these anadromous powerhouses is rather obvious early on in […]

secrets about lead core ammo

Secrets About Lead Core Ammo

Hunting With Lead Core Ammo Like many things in the hunting and shooting community, the lead core vs lead-free ammunition debate can be a contentious subject. The average box of ammo you find on the […]

how to hunt squirrels in the spring

How To Hunt Squirrels In The Spring

Hunting Squirrels In Spring Learning how to hunt squirrels in the spring is different than hunting squirrels in the fall or winter. Squirrels eat different foods in the spring and you will find them in […]

Mauser Cartridge For Elk

Mauser Cartridge For Elk

The Worst Caliber For Hunting Elk I realize I might ruffle a few feathers with this email, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Some cartridges have reputations for “punching above their weight.” They tend to […]

hunting black bear alberta canada

Hunting Black Bear In Alberta Canada

Monster Bears Come Out At Night Fatigue filled my body as the sun slowly sank behind the horizon on my black bear hunt in Alberta Canada. I’d been in that uncomfortable tree stand literally all […]

disappearing hog

The Hog That Disappeared

The Hog That Just Disappeared There are a bunch of feral hogs here in Texas. There’s no closed season and no bag limit on them either. For that reason, I’ve spent a lot of time […]


Watch Bald Eagles In Nest With Babies

Watch Baby Bald Eagles Live In Their Nest Dale Hollow Eagle Cam is entering its 6th season with a live camera watching the nest of American bald eagles. This eagle’s nest is located on Dale […]