Fly Fishing White River

Fly Fishing White River

Guide to DIY Arkansas White River Fly Fishing So, you’re set on tackling DIY Arkansas White River Fly Fishing. Great choice! This guide’s going to walk you through the must-knows, from picking out your gear […]

planer board crappie

Planer Boards for Crappie

I got an unexpected phone call from my friend David Jones to see if I would be interested in chasing some crappie using planer boards. David Jones is a crappie guide on Green River Lake […]

Poor Man's Cape Buffalo

Poor Man’s Cape Buffalo

There’s an often repeated saying about blue wildebeest: They’re born sick, but get stronger and fun faster and farther with every lead pill you feed them. That is of course a joke, but it can […]

The legendary Sharps Rifle
Hunting Cartridges

The Legendary Sharps Rifle

Elliott Marston: Ah-ha. The legendary Sharps Rifle. Matthew Quigley: You know your weapons. It’s a lever-action breech-loader. Usual barrel length’s thirty inches. This one has an extra four. It’s converted to use a special forty-five […]

wings or no wings on bluegill jig

Wings or no Wings on Bluegill Jig

Entomology is the branch of zoology dealing with the scientific study of insects Wings or no Wings During my fly fishing days I was fascinated by entomology. It was vital in tricking a trout that […]

big lake trout

Prove Your Laker Lures at Moss Island Lodges

By Mike Schoonveld There are dozens of reasons to go to the Moss Island Lodges on the North Shore of Lake Superior. There is spectacular scenery, secluded fishing areas, comfortable accommodations, adventure, northern lights – […]

kentucky bobcat hunting

Bobcat Hunting Kentucky

Predator Hunting the Bobcat in Kentucky by Robert Rhodus I’ve hunted a lot of animals in what time God has blessed me on this earth. From hunting the rut crazed buck, the beautiful eastern turkey, […]