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Enjoy The Harvest

Cajun Crappie Po’ Boy

Cajun Crappie Po’ Boy I find the history of certain recipes absolutely fascinating and while many of the stories are buried in myths and legends regarding its origin the Po’Boy sandwich has none of that. […]

big flathead catfish baits

Big Flatheads Small Baits

Small Baits Big Bites There is a short time in the summer when big female flathead catfish prefer small meals. Exhausted from the spawn, big flatheads don’t feel up to chasing big bait fish, but […]

how to outsmart big bucks

Big Bucks Public Land

Outsmarting Big Bucks on Public Land Most deer hunters know how important big rubs are to locating mature whitetail bucks in a particular area. Hunting terrain features linking rubs to bedding and feeding areas can […]

trolling for crappie

Trolling for Crappie

Trolling For Crappie  Trolling for crappie with crankbaits is a great way to catch a lot of crappie in the summer. I grew up mostly fishing for crappie with a bobber, gold hook and a […]

Spider Rigging for Crappie

Spider Rigging for Crappie

Fishing the Spider Rig for Crappie When the crappie spawn is over and the summer sun warms the water temps into the 70s crappie move out of the shallows and prowl the depths in search […]

crappie fishing at night

Crappie Fishing at Night

Crappie Fishing at Night I remember as a boy listening to the Grand Ole Opry while crappie fishing at night under a Coleman lantern. The fishing was fast and furious and we would catch a […]