Rick Bramwell

Kentucky Redear

The Redear Grass Ain’t Always Greener Often, the grass seems greener someplace else. Eighteen years ago, I caught a big mess of redear sunfish on Kentucky Lake. Since then, fishing has declined with the invasion […]

Indiana stae record smallmouth bass
Rick Bramwell

Indiana State Record Smallmouth

New Indiana Smallmouth Bass State Record Rex Remington, age 60, is retiring from his manufacturing engineering job this spring. However, he was not going to wait until then to go fishing. Remington was quick out […]

Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area sandhill cranes
Rick Bramwell

Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area

Sandhill Cranes and Indiana This cool weather has put wildlife on the move. Bow-benders are killing some big bucks, and sandhill cranes are beginning to migrate. When viewing sandhills, there is no better state than […]

redear year round Giest reservoir
Rick Bramwell

Targeting Redear Sunfish Year Round

I have compiled all the research from the last three years of pursuing the redear sunfish. I’ve considered everyone’s input and have experimented a lot. Last Friday, I put the cherry on the banana split. […]

Big redear geist reservoir
Rick Bramwell

Finding The Big Redear On Geist Reservoir

Are you good at estimating things? Me either. In my quest to find bigger redear sunfish at Geist Reservoir, I lost my grip on some basics, which cost me. With redear fishing becoming more popular […]

when bass baits get hot
Rick Bramwell

When A Bass Bait Gets Hot

When A Bass Bait Gets Hot The Bass Stop Biting A famous bass pro once said, “The difference between a professional angler and a weekend fisherman is that the pro is quicker to change when […]

bluegills and redears
Rick Bramwell

Bluegills and Redears

Bluegills and Redear Fishing Wild Goose Chase I haven’t been on a wild goose chase in quite a while but I was on a dinger early. It actually began last spring about May 26. James […]

Rabbit hunt

Old School Rabbit Hunt

A Cottontail Rabbit Hunt The old man, old dog, and old gun had an unimaginable rabbit hunt Tuesday afternoon. The wind was 14 mph. I wasn’t sure the ground would hold a scent for my […]

RICK BRAMwell Outdoor Writer
Rick Bramwell

An Old Timey Outdoor Writer

How Did I Get Here As An Outdoor Writer Today is my 78th birthday and all is well, save for the weather. I’ve been writing this column for 52 years. It is surprising that I […]

Warm December 2021 Fishing
Rick Bramwell

Warm December Day

Warm December Fishing For Crappie and Bass A Warm December Day My family celebrates the birth of our Savior on Christmas morning with a big breakfast and gift exchange. Bobbie and Joe Jones are the […]