thoughts from the forest Rick Bramwell
Rick Bramwell

Thoughts from the Forest A Walk In The Snow

Thoughts from the Forest Rick Bramwell A WALK IN THE SNOW Tuesday morning greeted us with two inches of snow and a record low temperature. I couldn’t wait to get in the woods. Deer, rabbits, […]

Rick Bramwell photo of Tripp Pitts
Rick Bramwell

Thoughts from the Forest

Thoughts from the Forest “Thoughts from the forest” might be a title for a book or poem. For sure, hikers and hunters alike know what a walk in the woods does for your wellbeing. I’ve […]

change of seasons
Rick Bramwell

Change of Seasons

The Change of Seasons For some time, Labor Day has marked the change of seasons as it relates to hunting and fishing. My first trip has usually been to Owen County to catch big bluegill […]

maddie marsh
Rick Bramwell

The Maddie Marsh Story

Kids That Love The Outdoors Excel Maddie Marsh is the 10-year-old daughter of Kevin and Corie Marsh. The family owns the Maddie Moos meat processing business in Mechanicsburg. Kevin has some good ideas on how […]

The Mossberg Patriot Bushmaster
Rick Bramwell

Mossberg Patriot Predator Bushmaster

Mossberg Patriot Predator .450 500 Bushmaster Last spring I attended the Hoosier Outdoor Writer’s Association’s (HOW) annual meeting. I’ve been a member since 1971 and was president in 1973. This is a good group of […]

Rick Bramwell

Catch Lake Wipers

Stocking Shadyside Lake Wipers In 1983 the Indiana DNR began stocking hybrid Striped bass or Wipers in many of our freshwater lakes. Five years later my son Greg and I wanted to catch Lake wipers […]

fishing kayak
Rick Bramwell

Fishing Kayak: Choosing a Kayak for Fishing

Fishing From A Kayak Almost everyone I know who has a fishing kayak would choose something different if they purchased a new one. I have fished often from my son’s “Sit-in” 10-foot kayak. It is […]