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Camping on the river bank while kayaking. Ken McBroom

Amp Up Your Camping Experience With This Gear

Camping is an outdoor activity, where you live in a shelter home or tent. Not all camping expeditions need to be adventurous; however, efficient planning is essential to ensure safety and an excellent experience. Your camping gear needs to consists of many essential items to make sure that you have a great camping experience. You may have some of the items mentioned below in your gear; here is a list of gear that you should consider as you plan your camping trip.


You will not find a shelter home in every camping destination that you are planning to visit, which is why it is essential to have sleeping bags by your side. You also need to make sure that the sleeping bags are windproof as well as waterproof because the weather can be pretty uncertain, and if they don’t have either of these qualities, then your experience will be affected severely. It should have a little padding at the top to substitute it with a pillow and a zipper to close it once you’re inside. It should also be insulated to keep you warm and protect you from extreme weather conditions.


Having a sharp knife and other tools in your camping gear, like a knife sharpener and machete, etcetera or a multitool set integrated with a folding knife is more necessary than you can imagine. How are you planning to hunt for food, if necessary, scare off a wild animal if you come across any or dice vegetables and meat before cooking? How will you cut a bandage when you get hurt or the ropes of your hammock when you are planning to return? There are various situations in which a sharp blade can come in handy on a camping expedition, so it is advisable to purchase a reliable one to ensure optimum use.


Lanterns, flashlights or headlamps are essential camping gear because of obvious reasons. When you’re camping you need lights to find your way to your campsite or some firewood. Sometimes you might not get to your destination until after dark. This is when a headlamp is invaluable for camp chores after dark. You can’t be dependent on the moonlight entirely, so it’s always better to have a portable camp light to get around. A word of camping caution, try not to depend solely on your mobile phone flashlight to find your way around your campsite. It consumes a tremendous amount of battery and will drain the juice very quickly. Your phone can be a vital component to your camping trip if something goes wrong, always conserve phone battery and maybe even have a portable power source to recharge the battery as well.


How will you know which way is north and which way is south? If you are planning to depend on the compass of your mobile phone, then think again because your phone battery can die sooner than expected. You can also have a conventional approach towards this, i.e. purchase a traditional compass which is reliable and more accurate than any other option.


This may not seem like a significant requirement if you’re on an overnight camping trip; however, if you plan to camp for more than a night or two you should consider carrying a portable power source in your camping gear for your flashlights and mobile phone. It will also be required to light up the tent and the nearby area to enhance your overall experience.


Campfires are extremely desirable when camping and not to just keep warm but also for the blissful experience that it offers. Having a good torch or fire starter will come in handy to build a fire. It may be challenging to do so because of the damp ground or recent rain shower. Remember to be responsible and construct a fire pit that will allow you to control the spread of your campfire. Fire pits are also great for reflecting heat to keep yourself safe & warm on your camping trip.


A stove and a few utensils are crucial to have an excellent camping experience because it may seem like a fun thing to cook like Bear Grylls in Man VS Wild, but it’s quite challenging too. You must understand the type of training and experience that he or any other expert has, as compared to you. So, be smart about packing the right items, i.e. if you have space, then don’t forget to keep a few necessary utensils with you.


The weather of any area can be pretty uncertain. Yes, you can check the weather predictions for your area, but they cannot be 100% certain. It is advisable to have a waterproof backpack to make sure that all your valuables stay safe if it rains on your camping trip.


Safety should be your number one priority because the more adventurous your camping trip is, the more chance you have of hurting yourself. A first-aid kit in your camping gear bag is a must; no matter what the purpose of your trip (camping, hiking or otherwise). Similarly, keeping a pack of hand and foot warmers will also come in handy if the temperature drops down to severe levels. They don’t take up much space and are very efficient in keeping your body warm.


You were probably planning to hunt for food in the wilderness, but there is no harm in keeping a few protein bars and sufficient water supplies in your camping gear. You cannot be certain of being successful in hunting or finding clean water in the jungles. Hunger and thirst can be the worst rivals in your expedition. So, BEWARE!

An expedition into the wilderness will rejuvenate your soul because the freshness and beauty of nature help with de-stressing your body and uplifting your mind and soul.

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