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Sometimes things come out of left field as did a text from a fishing friend. She sent sites on two fishing charters at Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee.  Both are intriguing. I’ve already booked one. The other, I may go with later this spring. One guide uses a very unique way of catching bass, walleye, crappie, stripers, and catfish.

Rainbow Guide Service is taking my son Greg and me smallmouth fishing on Dale Hollow. They also guide for trout and stripers on the Cumberland River. We are going for two days, next week.

Guide Johnny Rush sent me a photo of a client’s catch, last Saturday. It weighed 5 lbs., 12 ozs. He has been locating pre-spawn smallies in 20 feet of water.

Rush is using live minnows on a Carolina rig. This is usually a slip sinker above a two-way swivel. A 2-3 foot leader is tied on the end. My biggest bass at Morse was caught with a 10-inch worm Carolina rigged.

Greg wants to catch a smallmouth over five pounds. I do too. Rush has been fishing this pristine lake for 30 years. We trust he will give us a good opportunity.

Rainbow’s phone number is 270-459-0621. Open dates they have left this spring are March 27, April 5,12,18,19, 24, 25, and 26. They have some fishing videos on YouTube.

The other charter iswww.striperfun.com/tennessee-walleye-charters. Captain Jim Lee Dunham runs the largest guide service east of the Mississippi. He has guides on many TVA reservoirs like Lake Norris and Dale Hollow. Also on the Cumberland River where he uses rainbow trout to catch giant stripers

“Guide Jessf Brown will set out Hydro Glow green underwater LED lights about an hour before dark. You begin fishing an hour after dark,” according to Dunham. These lights draw in millions of shad and the predators follow. Sometimes you will be jigging directly under the boat. He can accommodate four anglers. The photos of big walleyes on their website will blow your mind.

Dunham believes these lights will provide similar results in Hoosier waters. It kind of reminds me of a drive-in theatre. As you might imagine, all predators in the area will come to feed.

Dunham told me I must take the opportunity to fish for the monster stripers on the Cumberland river.

He sells the glow lights at striperfun.com/product-category/hydro-glow/

Closer to home, Lance Carpenter has been texting photos of a friend who is catching nice large and smallmouth bass from White River. The last one was a smallie measuring 20 inches and weighing 3.25 lbs. The fellow is fishing on some chilly days.

When White River was restocked one of the specie introduced was redear. If you have caught any upstream from Perkinsville let me know.

Do not cringe ladies, I live by myself and have developed some unorthodox ways. One, it is easy to cook with a George Foreman Grill. Cleaning said grill is very difficult. I’ve tried aluminum foil around the meat-not good. The non-stick surface has never not stuck. Soaking softened the burnt grease but leaves a ring around my sink.

One evening, I sat the grill plates on the front porch. The next morning they were spotless. Even the grooves were free of grease. Nowadays, I use this cleaning process every time. I finish cleaning in hot soapy water.

Who are my secret helpers? The neighbor’s cats.

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