Double Minnow Rig for Crappie

double minnow rig
Big crappie caught on the double minnow rig

What is the Double Minnow Rig

  • The double minnow rig consists of 2 hooks, an in-line or 3-way swivel and an egg or barrel sinker.
  • The hooks, usually gold Aberdeen crappie hooks, is tied 18 to 36 inches apart with the sinker in between.
  • The double minnow rig is a common rig used when spider-rigging for crappie

How to Rig and Fish the Double Minnow Rig

Rigging for crappie has become a science to savvy crappie anglers. There is many ways to tie a double minnow rig. Two minnows on your crappie rig increases the baits presented to the crappie. It also allows you to present your minnows at different depths. Sometimes you will catch more crappie with your double minnow rig at a specific depth. However, more times than not you’ll catch crappie at different depths. The double minnow rig for crappie is the most efficient way to catch crappie that are scattered and moving around. The double minnow rig is perfect when spider rigging.

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Rigging the Double Minnow Rig for Crappie

Oftentimes I have two jigs tied onto my crappie rigs just so I am ready to fish even if I don’t get minnows. When the water temps are below 55 degrees I usually stick a minnow on the jigs for added attraction. The color sometimes is vital in getting bites. There are other times that plain gold Aberdeen hooks with minnows work best. You can remove the plastic from your jigheads and just use minnows and that works fine as well but again sometimes crappie are just so picky and the plain hook with a minnow performs much better.

The Capps & Coleman double minnow rig is probably the most used rig for crappie. With so many crappie tournament wins by using this rig why not. The simple Capps & Coleman is two hooks attached to the line from 18 to 26 inches apart with an egg sinker of varying sizes depending on conditions attached between these hooks. You can loop your line through the egg sinker hole several times to maintain its position or you can do what I like to do and add a swivel between the hooks. The egg sinker followed by a small bead is slipped up the main line then rest on the swivel above the bottom hook. The swivel will help control line twist. Use the ball bearing swivel of the smallest size to keep the minnow rig as streamlined as possible.

Best Hook for Rigging Minnows for Crappie

The tried and true gold Aberdeen hook has been the go to hook for crappie anglers for many many years. The light wire is easy on the minnows and allows you to bend the hook to get it out of brush when hung up. This can help save time when the bite is hot. You can just bend the hook back into shape once your unhooked and while you do want a somewhat sharp hook it just isn’t as important when fishing minnows for crappie due to the ease in which hooks penetrate the so called papermouth crappie.

Best Minnow Rigging Line for Crappie

Much has been talked about and written about the best line to rig your line for crappie. While some will argue that crappie are just not line shy I still like to use light line when rigging minnows for crappie. Sometimes I will use heavy main line down to a swivel where I attach 4 to 6 pound monofilament. I do believe that crappie can be line shy, especially the bigger crappie, when the water is clear. The main reason however that I prefer a lighter line for my minnow riggings for crappie is the diameter. Small diameter line will allow more realistic action from your minnow rigs and that is what I think can help you get more bites when crappie fishing. Shop Crappie Fishing Line

Best Double Minnow Rigging Rod for crappie Fishing

A long rod is usually what you see used by serious crappie anglers. They can help you get your double minnow rig away from the boat. This keeps the boat from spooking those shallow water slabs but when the water you’re fishing your minnow rig is deep then a shorter rod might be better. When watching your fish finder trying to keep on those schools of minnows and those schools of feeding crappie a shorter rod can help you prest your minnow rigs to the crappie below. It allows you to more easily see your minnow rigs on the screen and in front of those hungry crappie.

Best Crappie Reel for Double Minnow Rigs

For crappie fishing with double minnow rigs, look for reels that can accommodate line weights of 2 to 8 pound test. These reels will hold enough line for long casts. Reels that are adapted for braided line are vital if you want to use braided line. Drag isn’t always a big discussion point when talking crappie but if you like to or need to use light line, sometimes 2-pound test in ultra-clear water, you want a crappie reel with an excellent drag. A good smooth drag can help keep you from breaking off when you get a good crappie on the line.

Here are some reviews and a buying guide for choosing a reel for minnow rigging for crappie

How To Rig The Double Minnow Crappie Rig

Now how to tie or rig the double minnow rig for catching more crappie. You can keep it simple and forego the swivel or you can use a 3-way swivel or a small single swivel for your double minnow rig. If you want to keep it simple you can feed your main line through the hole in an egg sinker several times. Make sure to leave 18 inches of tag end to tie the bottom hook. Loop your line through the sinker until it no longer slips. Tie the bottom hook onto the end of the tag end using a Palomar knot, the simplest knot in fishing and the only one I use. Use the same knot to tie another hook 12-18 inches above the sinker. Rig your double minnow rig with fresh crappie minnows and you’re ready.

When using a single swivel start by tying the top hook to your main line, leaving 12-18 inches of the line below it. Then slide an egg sinker onto the line. I like to use a bead next because the hole in the sinker can slide over a small swivel. Attach a single barrel swivel to the end of your main line. This will keep the sinker at that position on the line and also prevent line twists. This is a better option if you use a light line because looping a lighter line through the sinker can weaken it causing breakage. Now attach a strip of line to the bottom of the swivel and tie a hook to the end and your double minnow rig is ready to go. Good luck.

Double Minnow Rig Is Great For Catching Suspended Crappie

When the crappie suspends in the water column the double minnow rig works great. The double jig rig works too but sometimes crappie is just not that active or aggressive. This is when the double minnow rig will shine. You can target suspended crappie with the double minnow rig by slowly moving along within the area where crappie are suspended. When you locate a school of crappie on your fish finder slow your presentation and let that minnow rig do its thing. Those minnows will get nervous when a school of crappie is around and will draw them in. Nothing better than live bait when suspended crappie are being picky. Give the double minnow rig a try the next time your find yourself chasing suspended crappie in open water,

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