Dutch Oven Philly Cheesesteak

enjoy the harvest

Dutch Oven Philly Cheesesteak

Dutch Oven Deer Camp Philly

This great Dutch Oven Philly Cheesesteak sandwich recipe was sent to me by Armin, a deer hunter in Berlin Germany. I went on Facebook and asked for some good deer camp recipes and he came through. Armin hunts in Tennessee with his son-in-law and makes this deer camp recipe every year at camp. It is easy to make and feeds a bunch. I had to discuss the recipe using a translator as I don’t speak German and he not so good English. It was a great discussion as Armin explained the way they hunt deer in Germany. The Roe Deer are small but yummy.

Dutch Oven Philly Cheesesteak

This is a Dutch oven classic par excellence. This Dutch oven deer camp philly is not only wonderfully simple, but you can also experiment with the spices and steaks. It feeds a few and is a great meal prepared over the fire in deer camp where the stories are told and the memories are made.

Deer Camp Philly Ingredients

  • 15 slices smoked bacon
  • 1 tbsp favorite spices
  • 3 large onions
  • 1 cup steak sauce and/or smoky ketchup
  • 2 cups mozzarella cheese
  • 2 sliced bell peppers
  • hogie buns

Deer Camp Philly Recipe Instructions

  • Grab your favorite big Dutch oven
  • Cut meat into thin slices
  • Pepper your meat and layer it alternately with bacon and onions and bell peppers in the Dutch oven
  • Top with steak sauce or smoky ketchup
  • Place into pre-heated oven covered
  • Shred and eat alone or on a hoagie
  1. Lay some bell peppers and onion slices on the bottom of your Dutch oven then the pork slices then more peppers and onions then bacon and repeat.
  2. Cut the onions into slices of approx. 1/8 inch thick and layer them with the bacon in Dutch-Oven. Pack the meat, tightly layering it.
  3. Finally, top it off with ketchup or steak sauce. This is the only liquid, the rest is made from the bacon, pork and onions and makes a wonderful gravy and sauce.
  4. Use a couple forks to shred the contents in the dutch oven then drain most of the sauce out. Put it on a hog and add mozzarella cheese and enjoy the harvest.

Bring Back the Deer Camp

As a lone solo hunter myself I have always admired deer camps. I’ve been a part of a few deer camps. They are a great way to bring together friends and fellow hunters to enjoy our heritage and traditions. While I would still prefer my solo hunts as a whole as I love the time spent in the woods alone I would like to bring back a true deer camp for a week of the season when a group of hunters get together to enjoy not only the hunt but also the camaraderie around the campfire.

My idea of a deer camp would be to enjoy the woods and the food and the great conversations and stories that most hunters love to tell. To put aside the importance of killing a deer and the stories of your $2,000 bow for one week to just enjoy deer camp.


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Bring Back the Deer Camp

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