Electric Skillet Omelet

electric skillet omelet

The Camp Omelet Recipe

I can remember my mom cooking with an old silver electric skillet. I can still feel the knob as I always wanted to set the temp. One of our favorite additions to our camper has been our electric skillet. Its versatility is great and it saves expensive propane as well. We use our electric skillet for all sorts of recipes and one of our favorites and now somewhat of a tradition for the last morning of a camping trip, is the electric skillet omelet.

The ingredients are simply whatever is left in the fridge at the end of your camping trip. That half of a tomato you used for the grilled hamburgers on Friday night or the four slices of pepper jack cheese left from the ham sandwiches you’ve been lunching on all weekend I have even cut up hotdogs for my omelet, but if you plan to share your omelet be sure the ingredients are to their liking. Deer liver didn’t go over too well with my little girl. Liver is one meat that is hard to sneak past even the most unsuspecting individual.

Ingredient Preparation For Omelet 

I like to prepare my cold ingredients, to include the cheese and put them aside early on. This allows these ingredients to warm to room temperature as you prepare the meat. This helps keep the omelet hot longer but it also helps the cheese to melt inside before the egg burns on the outside. You also want to keep your meat hot inside the omelet. I use the electric skillet to cook the meat I plan to put in the omelet. I always brown the meat a little even if it is already cooked like that left over cajun turkey that never was eaten because you ran out of bread. Anything can go in this omelet so don’t be shy.

After you have cooked your cold cuts, hotdogs or backstrap, from the fat doe you harvested the day before, set it aside, covered to keep warm and clean your skillet. After the skillet is clean add olive oil, vegetable oil, bacon grease or butter, whichever you prefer. Now set that dial to warm and let the grease heat up while you prepare the omelet.

Omelet Preparation

 There is a couple different techniques to preparing your eggs for the electric skillet omelet so read carefully. I like to use five eggs in my omelet but three eggs will do. I keep it simple with a single fold over but this leaves the inside a bit under cooked with five eggs but some people, like myself, prefer it this way kind of like over easy as opposed to scrambled. It is just personal preference. Now whether you prefer it this way or not keep in mind others may not, especially the “newer generation” so the three egg omelet may be in order so here is the best way to prepare an electric skillet omelet with just three eggs. The five egg version is easy just whisk five eggs in a bowl and pour into skillet.

The three egg version requires a little more effort but for those that prefer the perfectly groomed omelet this is the better choice. Whisk three eggs in a bowl for 30 seconds. Add a little milk and whisk and then add the secret ingredient to a fluffy evenly colored omelet, buttermilk pancake batter. A tablespoon will do for three eggs now whisk the batter and any seasonings you might want, into the eggs.

Cooking The Omelet

Set the temp knob to 300 degrees and allow to heat up before pouring eggs into skillet. When the grease is hot pour the eggs into the skillet and spread them evenly across the bottom. The omelet will be thin using just three eggs but the secret is the way you fold the omelet once cooked.

The thing my family likes about this omelet is they can see that the eggs are cooked through and through and honestly it makes a great omelet I just prefer the easier and thicker five egg omelet. Once your egg has cooked and the top has lost its sheen and begins to firm up it is time for the initial fold. First fold over about an inch on two sides of the omelet then fold two inches over on one end. These folds help to keep the ingredients inside the omelet as the final folds are made.

After these first folds are made add the ingredients to the pocket formed by the folds. Once the ingredients are added you can begin the final folds. Carefully fold the omelet over the ingredients then continue folding to the end. The number of folds will vary by amount of ingredients but two or three should do it. Cook for a few minutes to heat all the goodies and melt the cheese and your omelet is ready.

The three egg omelet is a prettier omelet to some. I like the big boy omelet in the photo with this article. Not everyone appreciates the old school omelet so camp omelet recipe is the three egg electric skillet omelet.

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