Green River Lake Kentucky

A Crappie Angler’s Destination

Green River Lake Kentucky

Green River Lake Kentucky

Green River Lake is an Army Corps of Engineers lake. The Green River was dammed in 1964. This created this beautiful 8,200-acre lake. Green River Lake is fed by several great tributaries to include the Nolin River, Rough River and Pond River. These rivers, along with the lake they form, is situated in gorgeous rural Kentucky where life slows down a bit. The word is that Green River Lake Kentucky’s best kept secret when it comes to crappie fishing. There are no houses along its shoreline making for an incredible destination for anyone that loves the outdoors. Green River Lake is especially attractive to those crappie anglers seeking solitude, beauty and lots of crappie.

The size of crappie on Green River Lake might not compare to some lakes across Kentucky, but for numbers of keeper crappie and the occasional slab, Green River Lake could be the best in Kentucky. As for slabs David Jones, crappie tournament angler and owner of Green River Lake Crappie Trips, landed a 3.36 pound crappie. He was fishing in a tournament at the time. The gaint crappie would become the lake record proving that there are a few giants swimming in the emerald green waters of Green River Lake. David had been trying for a year to get me down to fish Green River Lake. A trip to Florida to film a show fell through. I called David and he was more than happy to get us in for a trip. He promised a good time and a good show and David delivered.


David grew up fishing the Green River and has guided for crappie on Green River Lake for many years. His knowledge of the lake and of course his secret brushpiles had us in the crappie even before daylight. We had to back off after a flurry of about 7 crappies because there wasn’t enough light to film. By 11am we had our limit and our show and was planning a fish fry back at camp. Sold on Green River Lake crappie fishing, it was now time to see if they really were the best tasting crappie.

David cooked up the fillets with his deep fryer at camp. The only ingredient was a little cornmeal dusting on the fillets and a sprinkle of cajun seasoning when they hit the plate. The evening could not have been any better. The sun setting on the lake bluffs, good friends and a plate full of the best tasting crappie I ever ate. I had heard that Green River Lake had the tastiest crappie around and now I believe it.

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According to David the crappie fishing is just as good in the winter as it is the rest of the year. “Oh yea, crappie fishing is great here year-round,” said David. “We can catch crappie here on Green all year long.” I asked David what was the best way to catch crappie on Green River Lake. “Spider-rigging will catch crappie all year long and is usually what we do most of the year. I do like to see a bobber go down as much as I did when I was a kid. It brings back those childhood memories I think. We’ll fish a bobber in the spring for a little while when the crappie are spawning. They get up there shallow and there’s no funner way to cath’em than with a bobber,” David said with a smile adding. “That bobber fishing is just something that’s hard to get away from.”


“Spider-rigging is your best bet in the cold months,” David continued. “Crappie bite real light in cold water so you have to use real sensitive rods to detect the bite. Sometimes the bite is good and we can use plastics tipped with minnows, but for the most part a Capps & Coleman double minnow rigs and 12 foot B‘n’M wizard poles spooled with 4 pound test Gamma monofilament is my setup for winter spider-rigging. These poles are IM7 graphite and super sensitive with a painted tip section that allows you to really see the bite.” David laughed before adding. “I tell my clients, if the rod tip moves set the hook. It’s probably a crappie.”

When you plan your trip to Green River Lake to do a little crappie fishing hiring a guide on the first day will help you understand what the crappie are doing. Then you can look for your own areas to fish that will produce for the rest of your visit. During the cold months you’ll have the lake to yourself. For a great guide that knows the lake contact David Jones and Green River Lake Crappie Trips

If you would like to plan a trip to Green River Lake to chase a few tasty crappies there’s plenty of options for you to choose. The Green River Lake State Park offers plenty of camping along the shores with great facilities. The boat ramp is within sight of camp. The park is centrally located on the lake and is a great place to start. There is also plenty of other great outdoor activities in and around the park. There is 28 miles of trails for mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding. The park also has 200 covered slips at the marina along with boat rentals. The park grounds are open all year long. For more information check out Green River Lake State Park’s website at


Holmes Bend Resort and Marina is located off highway 55 just 8 miles from Columbia Kentucky in Adair County. They offer boat rentals to include houseboat rentals, a great way to spend a vacation. They offer boat slips and cabin rentals with all the amenities. The marina is top notch with clean bathrooms and a great cleaning station for your convenience. You are welcomed by friendly staff and fellow anglers on the docks. You can check out Holmes bend Resort at


A great side trip near Green River Lake is the Tebb’s Bend Battlefield. Tebb’s bend is a registered national site and attraction. It is the place that Brigadier General Morgan rode west from middle Tennessee in 1863. With handpicked soldiers nearly 2500 strong he met Colonel Orlando Hurley Moore and 200 men of the 25th Michigan Infantry on July 4, 1863. At sunrise Union soldiers opened fire on the confederate cavalrymen. The gunfire was soon answered with a volley of confederate artillery. After three hours of intense fighting the outnumbered union force turned the confederates and stopped them from crossing at Tebbs’ Bend. This stand kept Morgan from reaching the vital supply line at the Lebanon-Campbellsville-Columbia Turnpike.

There is a 3-mile road through the battlefield and includes 12 stops. One of the stops is at the Atkinson-Griffin Log House. It was a Confederate Hospital and is now a museum. It’s a diorama of the battle with a photographic exhibit and Union and Confederate uniforms. It also displays photos of the 25th Michigan and other local Civil War history. Source  For directions and more information please visit

Green River Lake is a crappie destination that I plan to enjoy for years to come. The surroundings are beautiful and the fishing is excellent. Green River Lake is also a great vacation for the whole family with a great variety of activities throughout the area. A destination with great facilities and even better people to welcome you to their community. Are you looking to get away on a peaceful crappie fishing vacation? Check out Green River Lake, you won’t be disappointed.

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Green River Lake Kentucky



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