Grilled Venison And Sausage Pizza  

Venison Pizza

Venison Pizza With Sausage

Everybody loves grilled venison and sausage pizza. And when it’s a pizza, made with ingredients you took part in harvesting, it only gets better. This grilled pizza recipe is a simple recipe that will feed several. I am listing the ingredients I use in my grilled venison pizza but the sky is the limit. This recipe is simple and always great in a camp setting. The grilled venison pizza can be made in the oven if you can’t wait until your next camping trip. Let’s get started.

grilled venison and sausage pizza

Venison Pizza Ingredients

  • 1/2 pound venison burger
  • 1/4 pound spicy sausage
  • A can Pillsbury pizza crust
  • 1 can of black olives
  • 1 can of sliced mushrooms
  • A can of pizza sauce
  • 8 oz feta cheese
  • 1 bell pepper

Instructions For Grilled Venison And Sausage Pizza  

In a skillet cook the venison burger and sausage until browned. Add the mushrooms, olives and green peppers and turn the heat down and cover. Stir the ingredients every couple minutes while you get your crust ready. The idea is to get your toppings hot before adding them to your crust so they warm nicely on the grill without burning your crust. Since the crust is in direct line with the flame or heat it will burn before heating all the toppings and melt the cheese. By heating all the toppings first it also begins to melt the cheese a little too.

The Pizza Crust

The pizza crust for this recipe can be a mix or canned pizza dough or a pre-cooked pizza crust. As mentioned in the list of ingredients, an already prepared crust or even homemade pizza crust will work. If you use a pizza crust mix or make your own you will want to cook one side of the pizza crust on the grill first thing. You can cook the pizza crust directly on the grill rack or even better you can use a pizza stone. The stone will help keep your crust from burning by heating everything more evenly. Add the toppings. Adjust your venison pizza away from the heat using the grill grate to help keep you from burning the crust, especially with a pre-baked crust because it’s already cooked.

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Build The Pizza

Now that your crust is ready you want to add your hot toppings to the cooked side of the crust. Spread your pizza sauce over the crust evenly. I add the feta cheese on top of the pizza sauce but you can put it on top with the mozzarella. Now add the hot toppings straight from the skillet onto the pizza. Spread them evenly covering the pizza sauce. Next add the mozzarella cheese. Do not skimp on the cheese. The cheaper cheese just doesn’t melt the same and doesn’t reheat as well as a premium cheese.

Tips For Cooking Grilled Venison And Sausage Pizza

Place your venison pizza on the grill grate or stone and shut the top. Watch your venison pizza closely as it cooks. Shutting the top allows the toppings to heat up and really melts the cheese nicely on top. The toppings are already cooked so your primary concern is the crust and the cheese. Keep a sharp eye on the bottom of your crust or it will burn. This is where the pizza stone comes in handy. The crust isn’t in the direct line of fire, so to speak. Remove the pizza from the grill as soon as the crust is brown and the cheese has melted. Cut and serve.

Camp Pizza

This pizza is a great campsite dinner and a great way to enjoy the venison you or your friends have harvested. If you don’t have venison burger you can cut your venison up into very small pieces or even larger chunks, if that’s what you like. I usually don’t have my venison processed into burger, but my father-in-law shared some of his and it worked great for this recipe. I usually cut my venison up myself and it taste great. The next time you go camping do a little planning and surprise your friends and family with a great grilled venison pizza.

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