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Henry Hunting Shotgun Plug Video

Make Your Own Shotgun Plug

Here is a video on turning your Henry .410 Lever Action Shotgun factory plug into a legal hunting plug. Some states require only 3 rounds in a shotgun pretty much anytime you are hunting with it. This is due to the migratory bird law of three rounds. There can be one round in the chamber and 2 in the magazine or in this case in the tube. Henry has a tubular magazine that holds more than 3 rounds in the tube but you can purchase a Henry hunting tube that has the plug built-in or you can make your own hunting plug for your squirrel gun as shown in this video.


Transcription of Video

I’m going to make this five-capacity tubular magazine into two. Migratory birds as well as  small game in some states, like here in Kentucky the most shells you can have is one in  the chamber two in the tube  so I’m going to make this  where it only holds two now if you  like to shoot at the range or shoot a  lot of uh  a lot of rounds you can purchase  a hunting capacity magazine from henry this is a henry 410  I’m doing a spring squirrel seat  squirrel hunt  real soon I don’t even have time to order the magazine hunting magazine.

I’m going to just make this one into a magazine that will be legal for hunting here in Kentucky so to start with there’s a pin that holds the end in here. Install the knurl knot you can use whatever you want a punch preferably. I’ve got a screw and a little nail it’ll  slide right out pull the end of the spring will come out now what you want to do here  is take a coat hanger I’ve already cut this one off you can just cut it with some snips  take two .410 round put your two rounds magazine put your cap on  put your plug in you have your two rounds in you want to mark it here  but you got to account for this distance as well s just add a i would add an inch even  to this dimension mark it there it’s about an inch more  cut it now  slide your plug onto the spring assembly.

This hanger is the fat kind and it fits perfectly in this spring which will keep it from moving around in there you can use a if you’re in a pinch and can’t find one you can use a any plastic hanger will work I like this one because it just can’t slide around so get your plug in your magazine take the end out okay once you have your plug and your spring you should get your end  the push plug pushes the rounds and just get it the spring around that because you can get it on top and that’s not ideal it would probably find its way on  there but get it on there.

Then slide it into the tube take your end  stick it on take your pin get it started in that’ll hold it just tap it tap it till it’s flush on this side right there now make sure put three rounds remember one in the chamber and two in the magazine so this should not fit so it stops right there so you only hold two which is what we’re looking for two rounds in the magazine and there you have it.

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