How To Pick A Flashlight for Hunting

How To Pick A Flashlight

Flashlights For The Outdoors

Over the years I have been through so many flashlights it ain’t funny. I never was one to spend very much money on a flashlight for my outdoor adventures. Whether it be hunting, fishing, or camping I finally learned how to pick a flashlight. A quality flashlight is worth every cent. Whether it’s halogen or LED, exchangeable batteries or rechargeable batteries, a quality flashlight is essential for the avid outdoors person and something that could save your life. Here I will describe the different options with a few ideas for some great flashlights to consider. 

Waterproof Hunting Flashlight

One of the most important aspects of an outdoor flashlight is its waterproofness. There is nothing worse than being deep in the woods on a hunt or a hike only to have your flashlight die. This can be very dangerous. Making a flashlight waterproof takes several more steps in the manufacturing process and adds to the cost. Having a flashlight that is not waterproof is not an option for the serious outdoors person. You should factor this into your purchase without a second thought.

Flashlight For Hunting And Fishing

There is always a good flashlight in my boat or in my tackle box no matter what. I have been stuck out unexpectedly without a light many times. In my younger days I would hike out of the forest in Southeast Alaska with salmon in my pack and no light with bears all around. It only took once for a couple cubs to run right by me on the trail and jump into the creek beside me. I never knew where the momma bear was and had no light. This might be the moment that I took flashlights a little more seriously. 

I’m in Kentucky now and have spent many years catfishing from shore. Catfish anglers count on their flashlight to bait their hook or grab a cold one out of the cooler and check their pole for a bite. Catfish slime, rain, chicken liver juice and dropping the flashlight in the water. You know what I’m talking about don’t you? I have had a lot of flashlights in my day. The links I am providing here is to random flashlights that you can choose for your fishing adventures. 

Hunting Flashlight

Any hunter knows that walking into the hunting area before daylight and hiking out after sunset calls for a flashlight to maneuver the obstacles that walking through the woods at night presents. As a bowhunter I like to have a very bright but small flashlight. It is great to have a quality light that is waterproof, tough and compact. Most bowhunters like to have as few items to pack in and out. This allows them to use a small backpack light in weight and stealthy. These features could fall within the category of Tactical flashlights. Tactical flashlights are rugged, waterproof and bright. These are all features that hunters need both for function and safety. Tactical flashlights are great utility flashlights built for a variety of uses. These flashlights can be used throughout the year and not just hunting season.

The Different Types Of Flashlights 

There are many flashlights to choose from today. With the many options it can be difficult to choose the right one for your outdoor activities. Here is a few types of bulbs used in flashlights today.

Incandescent Flashlights

Incandescent flashlights are probably the least expensive than any other option. While there are some quality incandescent flashlights the incandescent bulb has been left behind by new technology. Incandescents are the least expensive option but don’t last as long as other bulbs and uses more energy and need battery changes often. 

LED Flashlights

The letters LED stands for light-emitting diode and is a type of semiconductor. LED flashlights are a great option. They have a long life and use much less energy than other flashlights. LED bulbs produce very little heat. This heat is energy and is what draws down batteries quickly in other types of flashlights. While the LED flashlight will cost a little more up front the savings in longevity and batteries will quickly  offset that cost.

Halogen Flashlights

Halogen flashlights is a low cost option that’s brighter and more rugged than incandescent flashlight bulbs. The halogen bulb is made out of quartz. Quartz is tougher than glass, which is used in incandescent bulbs. This quartz bulb has a tungsten filament and works on the same principle as a normal incandescent bulb. The bulb is filled with a halogen gas. Without going into the science behind the halogen gas and its workings inside the bulb lets just say that they are brighter and last longer than incandescent bulbs.

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