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Keep Hands Warm-Wintertime

When fishing in the winter the most vulnerable part of your body is your hands. Here are some tricks I have used for keeping my hands warm when fishing in the winter. These tips were part of a Facebook discussion about keeping your hands dry and warm when fishing in the winter.


The trick to keeping your hands comfortable when fishing is to keep the water from reaching the skin. Wearing latex gloves, find the thickest ones you can, will help in keeping your hands warm by keeping them completely dry. The best way to keep your hands warm between catches or getting another minnow from the bucket is to keep a couple hand warmers in your pocket and just put your hands in there and your set. When you change locations and must run down the lake put on some heavier gloves for that and your good to go the whole day.


There are several types of hand warmers on the market today. They will all work in keeping my hands warm in the winter, but the best hand warmers for keeping hands warm when fishing is the Zippo refillable hand warmers. Those ones in the plastic wrappers will work but they don’t like water and will peter out when wet. Zippo refillable hand warmers last for hours and while getting them wet isn’t the best thing they will still keep your hands warm.


There is many options for fishing gloves on the market. Quick release fishing gloves, fingerless fishing gloves and others will all work in keeping hands warm in the winter. Fishing gloves are made of some kind of waterproof material, usually. However, never overlook wool fishing gloves to keep your hands warm when wintertime fishing. Wool keeps its insulating properties even when wet and when I fished in Alaska I had wool gloves actually I had wool everything in Alaska because it worked in those Southeast Alaskan rain forest and oceans.


Hand muffs are my favorite on the water or in the treestand. There is nothing better for keeping my hands warm than a hand muff with a Zippo refillable hand warmer inside. I don’t have to worry about whether or not I have pockets in just the right spot the muff is always in the perfect position. Give a hand muff a try this winter and be sure to add some type of handwarmer inside, it will change your life. Some hand muffs even have a pocket for a handwarmer but I prefer to have it inside the hand muffs for max warming effect.


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