Locating Prespawn Largemouth

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Locating Prespawn Largemouth

When Is The Prespawn For Largemouth Bass

Knowing when bass spawn is key to locating prespawn largemouth bass effectively. There are several different ideas on when bass will spawn. The water temperature being the most prevalent indicator of the spawn for most anglers. Water temperature is vital but how that water temperature rises could help you decipher an even better time to catch large females before they move up to spawn. When the water temperature rises swiftly it seems the spawn comes and goes so fast that you might wonder when it happened. However, when the water temperature rises slowly, those big females can linger in their staging area longer. This can provide you with many days and possibly a few weeks of stacked up and hungry largemouth waiting for the water temperature to get right.

Locating prespawn largemouth bass can be difficult unless you understand a few things about the spawn and the migration that takes place throughout the spawn in different parts of the lake.

Moon Phase And Prespawn

There has been much written on the moon and the spawn. In a perfect world largemouth bass will begin to spawn during the first full moon of spring. That’s in a perfect world. We all know perfect world and bass fishing don’t often coincide. Understanding this can help you. When it comes to locating prespawn largemouth bass. When the water temperature is right bass move up quickly during that first springtime full moon. You can find them in their staging areas. As well as up on the spawning flat. This is when an angler can catch lots of fish. By fishing staging areas then moving up into the shallows to probe for those that have begun to spawn. When the water temperature isn’t right then the game plan changes but all is not lost.


There is actually an advantage to the not so perfect world scenario. It might require a little more looking to locate a staging area. Or, maybe you know of a staging area from years past. If the springtime full moon comes and goes and the water temperatures or water levels aren’t just right the bass begin their migration but will not enter the spawning areas until everything is right. In this case the bass stack up in these staging areas because none of them are moving into the shallows. If you can find a major prespawn staging area be prepared to catch a lot of bass in a very concentrated area.

Staging Areas For Prespawn Bass

Largemouth bass are more predictable than we like to admit. Those that figure out the subtle changes in the water conditions, that dictate the bass’ behavior, usually catch the most bass. Bass migrates with the weather. Each spring they make their way toward the shallows to spawn. Before they get there they spend time in a staging areas. They are waiting for water conditions to get right. These staging areas are located on the main lake points leading into a spawning area or on secondary points just inside the spawning cove. This is where you can find large numbers of big bass in a relatively small area and they are usually feeding heavily in preparation for the spawn.

Points are always the jargon for where to locate bass. There are many nuances within those points that make a difference. Whether it is a pile of rocks or a sudden drop off that levels out onto a ledge that stair steps into deeper water these could be the key spots on the point that will produce more than the rest of the point and locating these spots are crucial to catching a lot of bass.

My favorite prespawn spots are stair stepping ledges that step right off into deep water. I call these steps feeding ledges. These ledges give the bass easy access to whatever depth they desire and when you figure out that depth you can focus your presentation on that step and be confident your bait is being presented at the optimum range increasing your odds of catching fish.

Bottom Composition For Prespawn Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass need a certain type of material to spawn in. Locating these areas will help concentrate your focus when looking for spawning bass locations. Gravel or shell is a great place to start. A hard bottom, void of mud, is what is needed for bass to spawn. Shorelines leading to bays with this bottom composition is where you will find prespawn bass. Riprap or banks with big chunky rocks is a great place to find these pre spawn largemouth. These rocks provide cover for the bass but also for their favorite prespawn meal. That meal is the crawfish.

Crawfish are super high in minerals. The crawfish shell is made up of high levels of iron, magnesium and calcium. These minerals are vital for prespawn bass and a successful spawn. This is why rocks is a great place to find prespawn bass and should be your focus. Especially when these rocky banks lead to a shallow area with a hard bottom and some stumps, brush or other cover for the bass to spawn next to. Throw a crawfish pattern crankbait along these rocks for some great action. Red is my favorite color.

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