O’Neill Outside- How to Harvest More Whitetail Deer

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O’Neil Outside Podcast- Harvest More Whitetail Deer

It’s kind of easy really, you need to hunt where the deer live well that’s kind of simple. A young hunter approached me during a visit to Bass Pro Shop one day. He introduced himself and asked if he could present a question. I’m always flattered that a stranger, because of the television and radio show, does that. I’m flattered that anyone would think I’m a good source of reliable information. He says, “I’ve been hunting this particular tract of land and I’m not seeing any whitetails”.

My response was are you seeing any tracks or trails rubs and scrapes or anything like that. His answer was no. Where the deer walk around, they leave tracks and develop trails and during the rutting period they make scrapes on the ground and rub their antlers on the small trees and limbs. If you’re not seeing those signs the deer do not live there. Hope he changed his destination and became successful elsewhere.

O’neil explains, in this podcast, the basics to harvesting more whitetails. Nothing profound here just simple deer hunting tips that could take you years to figure out on your own. Listen to this podcast if you are starting out deer hunting. Keep in mind that these tips will be added to and learned upon when you hunt whitetail deer each season. The great thing about deer hunting is you never learn it all. There are too many variables. However, with the simple tips on deer hunting under your belt the journey to successfully seeing and ultimately harvesting more whitetail deer.


Take these tips and apply them in the field. Be aware in the deer woods. Study deer anytime you have a chance to watch them. You will learn so much by watching and listening to the woods when you are hunting deer. Anything you read or you are told around the campfire will take shape if they are applied to what you learn with boots on the ground or in the tree stand. There is nothing like hunting deer to teach you, but reading and listening to hunters that have been doing it for years will help as well. Take notes and begin a great lifestyle as a woodsman and hunter and don’t forget. Enjoy the Harvest.



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