backstrap on a stick
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Backstrap On A Stick

Cooking Backstrap Over Campfire I was introduced to this venison recipe on the beaches in Southeast Alaska. It was in the winter when most folks tend to just hang out and enjoy the slow pace […]

chowder recipe
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Crappie Chowder Gumbo

Crappie Chowder Gumbo I remember, as a young boy, watching Julia Child’s cooking show. There was one particular show that would cause me to only eat fried fish. In the show Julia was making Bouillabaisse […]

cowboy coffee
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Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy Coffee Have you ever returned to hunting camp after a long day of hunting in nasty weather? If so you know how good a cup of cowboy coffee can be by a warm campfire? […]

Venison Stir Fry Recipe
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Venison Stir Fry Recipe

Venison Stir Fry Recipe This venison stir fry recipe is cooked hot and fast. Hot and fast retains the juices in the meat and prevents your venison from drying out. Choice cuts of venison are […]

campfire chili recipe
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Cooking Chili On A Campfire

Campfire Chili Recipe There’s nothing better than a hot bowl of campfire chili on a cool autumn evening. It’s even better when cooked over a campfire. Cooking is part of the fun for us while […]

Jack Hennessy fish kabob recipe
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Jack Hennessy Fish Kabob Recipe

Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Fish Kabob The secrets to successfully grilling Fish Kabobs with your favorite fish. Here is a great Jack Hennessy Fish Kabob Recipe¬† Ingredients ForJack Hennessy Fish Kabob Recipe 24 ounces walleye, filleted and […]

wild turkey salad recipe
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Wild Turkey Salad Recipe

The first time I tried this recipe I cut the lettuce into a wedge because this is a wild turkey wedge salad recipe. The problem was the turkey wouldn’t stay on my lettuce […]

venison enchilada recipe
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Venison Enchilada Recipe

Recipe For Venison Enchiladas This Venison Enchilada recipe is simple but tasty. The ingredients are pre-cooked so they can be prepared and packed for a camping trip as long as you can heat them up. […]

cooking cornish hens over campfire
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Cornish Hens Cooked Over Fire

Cornish Hens Over Fire This recipe is great for camping and overnight float trips or just in your backyard, nothing taste better than Cornish hens cooked over a fire. I have never felt sorry for […]

electric skillet omelet
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Electric Skillet Omelet

The Camp Omelet Recipe I can remember my mom cooking with an old silver electric skillet. I can still feel the knob as I always wanted to set the temp. One of our favorite additions […]