Float and Fly Hair Jig

Float and Fly Hair Jig

Tips for Fishing the Float and Fly Hair Jig Use spinning reel with a good drag. A smooth drag is vital when using light line Use a long rod in medium light power. Lots of […]

How Does A Jerkbait Work?

How Does A Jerkbait Work

How to Work A Jerkbait A jerkbait is a great representation of baitfish that largemouth bass and other species love to eat. Jerkbaits have long been a great lure for cold water, but as a […]

Capt. Jim Klopfer Jon Boat Fishing Machine

Jon Boat Fishing Setup

 Jon Boat Fishing Florida I had a dilemma that many other anglers have faced; choosing the best boat for my particular fishing application. I am a fishing guide in Sarasota, Florida and have a 22 […]

know your baitfish-gizzard shad

Know Your Baitfish Gizzard Shad

Gizzard Shad- Dorosoma_cepedianum KNOW YOUR BAITFISH The gizzard shad has a compressed body with a sharp belly. They have a ridge on their belly that resembles saw teeth. The gizzard shad can be distinguished from […]

cumberland river fishing

Cumberland River Fishing

Cumberland River Fishing Experience This year the Hoosier Outdoor Writers conference was my second and it was a blast. I reconnected with a few members I met last year and met a couple of new […]

Locate And Catch Ice Out Panfish

Fishing After Ice Melts

Locate And Catch Ice Out Panfish Not all anglers tread on ice to catch panfish, but they don’t waste time beginning their pan fishing when the ice melts. Ice out is a term used to […]

The Obey River Wild Scenic

The Obey River Wild & Scenic

A Drift Down the Obey River Wild & Scenic The canoe slid easily down the tall grass growing along Tennessee’s Obey River, Wild & Scenic.  The paddles and gear were next, including my fly rod […]

best line for jerkbaits

What Is the Best Line for Jerkbaits

Jerkbait Line: Monofilament or Fluorocarbon There is much debate on what is the best line for jerkbaits. Monofilament might be the choice when you want your jerkbait to suspend. Fluorocarbon might be the line of […]

fishing Shakamak state park
Bass Fishing

Fishing Shakamak State Park

Bass On A Scum Frog Locating bass can sometimes prove to be a futile endeavor leaving one to wonder where did they all go? During one such outing, fishing at Shakamak State Park, I found […]

hooked on the outdoors

Hooked on the Outdoors

Getting Kids Hooked on the Outdoors In today’s world the outdoors and fishing can take a back seat to so many other activities. To get kids hooked on the outdoors, you almost have to drag […]