flipping the drop-shot
Bass Fishing

Flipping the Drop-Shot

Flip-Shot for Pressured Bass DROP SHOT HISTORY Flipping was made popular by California’s Dee Thomas in 1975 when he won the Arkansas Invitational on Bull Shoals Lake utilizing a flipping technique derived from “tule dipping” […]

flipping rig that works

Flipping Rig that Works

Bass Flipping Rig RIGGING THE PACA CRAW This is a flipping rig that works great when flipping for bass. A great way to rig the 5 inch Paca Craw is with a straight shank hook. The […]

spring bass lures
Bass Fishing

4 Spring Bass Lures That Work

4 Great Springtime Bass Lures In this article I’m going to discuss some of the best lures for catching bass in the spring. Of course these bass lures aren’t the only options but they are […]

tips for panfish

Panfish Tips with Chip Leer

Try These Tips For Panfish By Chip LeerTips for panfish in the grass. It’s no secret that panfish gravitate to aquatic vegetation in the summertime along with bass, walleyes and pike. Unless you’re armed with […]

Double Jig Rig for Crappie

Double Jig Rig for Crappie

Using The Double Jig Rig When the crappie are suspended, sometimes it can be tough to keep your presentation within the strike zone. The double jig rig works great in doing this and can help […]