Single Shot Shotgun Mods

Pointer .410 Single Shot Shotgun Mods

Hunting With 410 Shotgun This article is ultimately about single shot shotgun mods but here is the story leading up to it. For the longest time I was free to hunt with rimfire rifles and […]

Hunting with a Henry

Hunting With A Henry

Hunting With A Henry by Tom Berg   There is just something about hunting with a Henry lever-action rifle that stirs my soul.  I like the way they look and the way they feel.  I […]

Young Woman Brings Memories to Life

Taxidermist Brings Memories to Life

Young Woman Brings Hunting Memories to Life There are several good taxidermists around. This is a story about a 21-year-old Lauren Owens, Pittsboro, Indiana, is a female practicing her skills, full-time. “Growing up, I liked […]

squirrel hunting vest

Choosing a Squirrel Hunting Vest

Choosing A Squirrel Hunting Vest What to Look for In a Squirrel hunting Vest Look for the camouflage that matches your surroundings where you hunt. Look for strategically placed pockets for what you like to […]

my personal ramblings ken mcbroom

Back in There

Never Take Hunting for Granted As the years roll by I find that I enjoy the simpler things in life. For many years I only shot mature bucks with my bow. Now, I find great […]

lever action bushytails

Lever Action Bushytails

Lever Action Bushytails Hunting lever action bushytails with a .410 shotgun has rekindled a childhood excitement. There’s something about squirrel hunting with a lever action shotgun that brings it all back to earth. Growing up […]

Dove Hunting Tennessee

Dove Hunting Tennessee

How to Bag More Doves I can remember, many years ago, hauling a five-gallon bucket filled with shotgun shells a sandwich, and a couple of cold Sun Drops to the dove field. Sometimes the sandwich […]

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Kylie Moody; The Dancing Turkey Hunter

Kylie Moody; The Dancing Turkey Hunter The great outdoors provides for an excellent lifestyle for those that embrace its lessons in family, humility, woodsmanship and harvest. Ken McBroom     THE STORY BEGINS IN GEORGIA […]

standing corn food plot

Standing Corn Food Plot

Standing Corn Food Plot Chance Vorderstrasse Standing corn makes a great food plot. States known for growing large bucks are also known for growing acres of corn.  In fact the top three corn producing states […]

turn in a poacher

Turn In A Poacher

Sportsmen Remain Vigilant For Poachers by Tom Berg Ethical hunters, fishermen and trappers will be pursuing their favorite sports this fall and winter, enjoying the beautiful Hoosier outdoors and re-connecting with nature.  Some will be […]