hunting sitka blacktail deer

Hunting Sitka Blacktail Deer

Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunting Alaska My First Trip Hunting Sitka Blacktail Deer In Alaska My first time hunting the Sitka blacktail was epic. It involved a taildragger Cessna 150, a beach landing and a smack […]

turkey hunting gear list

Best Turkey Calls for Spring

Turkey Calls for Spring Turkey Hunting Spring turkey hunting has become a ritual for many outdoors people that love the chase, the vocal interaction and the table fare that wild turkeys provide. Chasing a gobbler […]

turkey hunting gear

Turkey Hunting Gear List

Checking Your Turkey Hunting Gear List Shotgun for turkey hunting Turkey hunting camo patterns Shotgun sling for turkey hunting Turkey hunting boots Digital mapping Turkey calls Turkey vest With turkey hunting season just around the […]

Best Shotgun for Turkey Hunting

Best Shotgun for Turkey Hunting

Choosing a Turkey Hunting Shotgun I remember as a young man, hunting turkeys in Tennessee, when the 3 inch shotgun shell was either introduced or made it into our little town of Lynchburg. I was […]

Single Shot Shotgun Mods

Pointer .410 Single Shot Shotgun Mods

Hunting With 410 Shotgun This article is ultimately about single shot shotgun mods but here is the story leading up to it. For the longest time I was free to hunt with rimfire rifles and […]

Hunting with a Henry

Hunting With A Henry

Hunting With A Henry by Tom Berg   There is just something about hunting with a Henry lever-action rifle that stirs my soul.  I like the way they look and the way they feel.  I […]

Young Woman Brings Memories to Life

Taxidermist Brings Memories to Life

Young Woman Brings Hunting Memories to Life There are several good taxidermists around. This is a story about a 21-year-old Lauren Owens, Pittsboro, Indiana, is a female practicing her skills, full-time. “Growing up, I liked […]

squirrel hunting vest

Choosing a Squirrel Hunting Vest

Choosing A Squirrel Hunting Vest What to Look for In a Squirrel hunting Vest Look for the camouflage that matches your surroundings where you hunt. Look for strategically placed pockets for what you like to […]

public land gobbler

Hunting Public Land Turkeys

Tips for Fooling Public Land Turkeys Lots of scouting- Find where the public land gobblers are hanging out Locate less pressured gobblers- There are areas on public land, that has less pressure Plan your hunt- […]

Early Season Scouting Tips

Early Season Scouting Tips

Early Deer Scouting If you hunt whitetail deer with a bow you know just how difficult it can be to just lay eyes on a mature buck let alone harvest one. There is nothing better […]