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Why Hunting Does Makes Sense

Should We Hunt Does The popular notion of the old school deer hunters in America is to not hunt does. I’ve actually known of hunters that apply for a doe tag just so someone who […]

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Food Plots for Deer

Food Plots for Small Properties Owning your own piece of hunting land is a whitetail hunters dream. I know it’s mine and I’m pretty sure it’s yours as well. You don’t have to deal with […]

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Deer Hunting Public Land

DEER HUNTING PUBLIC LAND STRATEGY If, like me, you are fortunate enough to be able to hunt quality public land for whitetail deer throughout the Midwest and other areas throughout the country, you know the […]

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Late Season Squirrel Hunting

Late Season Squirrel Hunting So, deer season is over and you have settled in for the winter. A great time for lazing around watching football and maybe working a little overtime to keep the boss […]

What is the October Lull Deer Hunting

What is the October Lull Deer Hunting

Bowhunting The October Lull   The October Lull and Ways to Hunt It If you bowhunt you have either heard of, read about or experienced the October lull. That time when deer seem to vanish […]

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2013 Bowhunting Journal

A Bowhunters Journal 2013 November 3rd Day 1 I arrived at my campsite for my annual public land deer hunting trip. This is my first bowhunt in Indiana and I have to admit I was a […]