waggler float rig

Bobber Fishing: The Waggler Rigged Bobber

What Is The Waggler Rigged Bobber The waggler rigged fishing bobber attaches bottom-end only. In bygone years, bobber fishing with the waggler rigged bobber was the nation’s number one form of float fishing. However, today […]

perfect panfish setup

The Perfect Panfish Setup

What is the perfect Panfish Setup The perfect panfish setup is one with durability, castability and smooth drag system. Panfishing often requires a lot of casting and reeling when you are searching for a school […]

bluegill fly fishing

Bluegill Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing For Bluegill Visions of bluegill fly fishing danced in my head as the cold front proved to put the bluegills down with just a rare take in deep water with a cricket. Just […]

How to Find Crappie Brush Piles

How to Find Crappie Brush Piles

FIND CRAPPIE BRUSH PILES IN THE WINTER Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to find crappie brush piles. Those stumps, Christmas trees and stake beds are invisible after the water rises and when the […]

tips for panfish

Panfish Tips with Chip Leer

Try These Tips For Panfish By Chip LeerTips for panfish in the grass. It’s no secret that panfish gravitate to aquatic vegetation in the summertime along with bass, walleyes and pike. Unless you’re armed with […]