How to Turkey Hunt in the Fall

Turkey Hunt in the Fall

Late Season Turkeys with a Bow Some people, probably those who have never hunted them, claim that turkeys aren’t real bright. Calling turkeys and taking them with a shotgun is a challenge but when you […]

public land gobbler

Hunting Public Land Turkeys

Tips for Fooling Public Land Turkeys Lots of scouting- Find where the public land gobblers are hanging out Locate less pressured gobblers- There are areas on public land, that has less pressure Plan your hunt- […]

Strata Camo by True Timber

Strata Camo by True Timber

Review Strata Camo by True Timber? I have been a hunter for many years and it is my passion. There is absolutely nothing like the feeling you get from successfully and humanely killing your prey, […]

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Kylie Moody; The Dancing Turkey Hunter

Kylie Moody; The Dancing Turkey Hunter The great outdoors provides for an excellent lifestyle for those that embrace its lessons in family, humility, woodsmanship and harvest. Ken McBroom     THE STORY BEGINS IN GEORGIA […]

father son turkey hunt

Father Son Turkey Hunt

Gobbler by the Creek A Father’s Quest For Son’s First Turkey As any Father that is a hardcore hunter can attest, the day will come when you shift from scouting for your next gobbler to […]

How To Turkey Hunt for Beginners

How To Turkey Hunt for Beginners

Spring Turkey Season Preparation Spring Turkey Season Gear It may still be chilly outside, but turkey season is just around the corner. Preparing now for spring gobblers is a must if you want to consistently […]