Pop Up Camper Lift Lube


Pop Up Camper Lift Lube

How to Lube the Lift System on a Pop-Up Camper


There is nothing worse than a creaky lift system on a pop-up camper. Is your pop up lift system getting hard to crank or does it sound like it is about to break? Most lift systems on pop-up campers use the same principle. It is a strong spring like rod that rotates on a mechanism to push the top up. Over time this coiled rod gets corroded. It will become hard to crank and make lots of noise as you try to crank it up. Left unchecked it can finally seize up or worse break inside the tube and then you are in for a world of work. My camper is a Palomino Bronco and I was able to locate the place where water could get to the rod and corrode it. This is how to lube the lift system on a pop up camper. Here is a great way to lubricate your truck camper lift system or trailer pop up lift system.

Video of lubricating my truck camper pop up lift system.


If you need an air conditioner for your pop up truck camper be sure to check out the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 Portable Air Conditioner. If you are like me I love to camp in the summer and it is hot here in Kentucky. The Zero Breeze is the perfect solution for those midday siestas. The Zero Breeze AC is also great in tents and can make a hot humid tent comfortable in no time. Check it out!

Features Of The Zero Breeze Mark 2 Battery Powered Air Conditioner For Camping

Low Power @ 240W

About 1/5th the power consumption of conventional air conditioners. Driven by included adapters or batteries, generator not required.

Battery Powered Camping AC

Run the AC unit with your own 24V battery supply or the AC unit with our battery for 3-5 hours of portable usage.

2300 BTU

Real air-conditioner, no water or ice required, built-in 24V adaptive frequency micro compressor.

Drop 30℉

10 minutes air outlet temperature, down 30℉

Take and Go

Air conditioner and the battery can be combined into one unit
You can take the air conditioner at work with one hand and walk around easily.

Weighs only 16.5lbs

Air conditioner weighs only 16.5lbs
Smaller than half the size of traditional portable air conditioners

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