Review of the Ruger American Predator

Ruger American Predator

The Ruger American Predator


This is a review of the Ruger American Predator Rifle, the one that does it all. If your desire is a light-weight bolt-action rifle with a stock Accu-trigger and a shorter and more manageable length of pull; then this rifle is the one for YOU! Weighing in at 6.62lbs, this rifle meets the needs of every hunter whether you are a long-range elk or mule deer hunter, walking through the thick pines of the Minnesota north woods, or a competition long-range shooter. 



Barrel Length


Overall Length



Alloy Steel, Nylon Composite


RH Twists 1:8”

Threaded Barrel


Length of Pull


Swivel Studs?

Yes: Included

Hello, my name is Joe from the YouTube channel ‘Minimalist Outdoors.’. I am a veteran, a hunter, and an outdoor enthusiast. My passion is teaching cost-effective ways to hunt. I love crafting outdoor gadgets and filming memorable hunts for you to enjoy. This is a review of the Ruger American Predator,  a great multi-purpose rifle. 

I’m an avid hunter who has been using the 6.5mm Creedmoor Ruger American Predator partnered up with a Vortex Crossfire II for more than 4 years with great success! Within those 4 years, I suffered a life-altering injury that has forced me to make some changes in the way I hunt. I lost two fingers in a construction accident, these fingers had to be reattached, because of this my hand has lost a lot of its former strength.

One of the changes that had to be made was selling some rifles that were harder to operate with my damaged hand; the Ruger American Predator was not one of them. The rifle’s 3 lug locking bolt made it light enough to operate with my hand in the condition it was in. The bolt itself is a 70 degree bolt that does not interfere with space between your finger and the focal lens when you operate the bolt, also it makes for faster cycling of your shots. Are you looking for a Ruger American Predator rifle? Looking for a reason to buy one?

My 6 Reasons For Buying The Predator Rifle


This rifle features a Picatinny-friendly optic mounting surface that sits fixed at a one-minute- angle. One minute of angle allows for greater precision at longer distances by maximizing your scope’s capability without making any small corrections. One MOA is also better for point-blank accuracy for natural target aiming reference points. This is a feature that would normally cost extra but is included on the Ruger. Big Plus!. Scope rings and mounts come in a variety of styles, the main ones on the market are Picatinny and Weaver.


This rifle features an adjustable Accu-trigger that can vary between 3lbs and 5lbs. This lightweight trigger is crisp and essential for minimal shooting error. A trigger like this is one that most shooters end up paying an additional $200.00 to customize their rifle and improve its performance and accuracy.


Imagine you are driving out to your tree stand, your rifle is in its case (unloaded), and 200 yards off to your right you see an in-season trophy animal standing in the clearing. It is illegal to hunt from the road, you must be out of your vehicle and off the forest trail before you can load and shoot. This rifle makes a hasty surprise hunt easier with the ability to insert your 4 round magazine fast, chamber a round, and fill your tag. The magazine is flush with the stock is nice because that reduces the likelihood of snagging your rifle on something.

Mistakes happening, deer season is cold so on top of bulky clothes you don’t need a protruding magazine. The rotary magazine system is a revolutionary feeding system that is at the top of its game as far as reliability goes. The magazine doesn’t have a follower that makes contact with the wall of the magazine, this ensures no stoppages.


As far as most firearms go, the stocks are long and cumbersome for shooters with short arms. The distance from the stock placement in the shoulder to the handgrip of the throat is 13.75” in length. This offers comfortable shooting, trigger manipulation, and cheek weld placement. Not only is the length of pull comfortable, but the butt-pad is gel, which helps manage the effects of recoil.


As an outdoorsman, you are faced with many conditions since we are out there and exposed. We rely heavily on our gear to work when we need it too. The Nylon composite stock is Ruger OD Green which captures a more modern and tactical feel. Considering that it is a neutral color it works well in the hunting environment as far as not standing out TOO much. Humidity, briars, rain, ice, and the sun can do a lot of damage to a traditional wood stock. The new technology that goes into the new product nylon stocks makes these impervious to these outdoor elements, considering this material does not weather. Wood under wet and humid conditions swells as well as holds moisture—which is no good for the metal components because that causes stoppages and corrosion.


Who doesn’t like dressing their rifle up with a suppressor or a muzzle brake? Given that you have the tax stamp to legally do so, feel free to attach a suppressor to deafen the report of the rifle. You can also control muzzle rise/flash with a muzzle brake. There are many accessories available for the standard thread pattern that this muzzle has (5/8”-24), those dimensions are the industry standard.


There is only one negative to owning this rifle or it would be the best rifle and it would be out of stock everywhere. This rifle’s butt pad is too sticky. When you pull the rifle up to shoot the pliable gel pad gets hung up on your clothes.


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