Strata Camo by True Timber

Strata Camo by True Timber

Review Strata Camo by True Timber?

I have been a hunter for many years and it is my passion. There is absolutely nothing like the feeling you get from successfully and humanely killing your prey, harvesting its meat and tacking a trophy reminder on your ‘wall of fame’. This passion runs deep in many outdoor enthusiasts and we always hope for a successful hunt every year.

Around 80 t0 100 years ago, our ancestors used the most basic equipment, none of which was camo. A higher margin of hunting failure and being busted by game was more common. Hunters seem to have adapted and overcame a lot of hunting challenges presented to them by lack of concealment. From the late 1980’s to now hunting concealment patterns have changed immensely. Two months ago I saw a hunting camo that I have never seen before.

It is 2019 and the camo patterns and brands that may come to the minds of many of you is Realtree and Mossy Oak. Well, I am here to tell you that there is a superior all season alpha camo that many of you may not have heard of called Strata Camo pattern by True Timber. I was browsing in Cabela’s one day and out of nowhere I saw a manikin clad in Strata from head to toe with their line of SilentHide fabrics. When examining it, the product stood out to me as superior. From different points of view and distances this pattern seemed to effectively disrupt the outline of the manikin. Looking closely at price tags, as many of us budget hunters do, this gear is priced right for what it is.

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Researching the True Timber Strata camo I found that it’s used only in Cabela’s and RedHead products. Specialty hunting garments like cold weather outerwear (bibs, overalls, coats, and rain gear) prices range from $65-$119. These prices being as low as they are makes outfitting yourself in this camo very affordable. Comparing Strata to Sitka is easy, since the quality is comparable. The True Timber patterns are unique and work excellent.

Very little time passed before owning this product was a reality. Investing in a long sleeve top and SilentHide pants and later did a video review on my channel after thoroughly examining the garments. The quality feel of garments by their weight, feel, and appearance; makes Strata impressive. In the video; I demonstrated the concealment effectiveness of Strata at any distance or back drop. The Strata pattern does very well. Strata pattern effectiveness was no surprise since this pattern is a new approach to incorporating micro and macro organic patterns in one camouflage system.


Dating back to 2008 through present; the department of defense and commercial camo producers have dabbled in organic patterns, pea-dot patterns, digital patterns and micro digital. Never, has anyone used macro and micro patterns combined with neutral shades to make an artificial organic pattern. The duration my own personal use of Strata camo I found that this pattern is suitable in every environment. ‘pure white-out’ was an exception. With the multiple light and dark patterns speckled within the Strata camo, this pattern is highly adaptable to every hunting season. I purchased this camo for the purpose of predator hunting on the ground during warmer months. After buying this camo, I came to the conclusion that this pattern can be used anywhere and anytime.

If you are open to advice and suggestions, I may even be bold enough to say that this is the “Hunting Multi-Cam”. My reason? -This camo comes in a variety of weights for different hunting seasons without the pattern changing. Essentially, RedHead Strata may be the only camo you’ll ever need since it is good for all environments.

Camo patterns have become an essential part of hunting. As a result, we as hunters have contributed to conservation tremendously through our success!

The conclusion is that True Timber STRATA is rugged, comfortable & effective!

STRATA pattern camo is the hottest all-purpose tactical pattern on the market! It incorporates both macro and micro schematics. The macro design breaks up the human outline and the micro design melts into any terrain at close range. From the open country of the West, to the dense forests of the south, to the leafless late season hardwoods of the East, you won’t find a more effective all-purpose hunting pattern than the True Timber STRATA Camo.

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