Rubber Boot Repair

Repair Your Rubber Boots

rubber boot repair

Rubber Boot Repair

There’s nothing worse than ripping a gash in your rubber hunting boots during your hunt, especially if you have to wade creeks or use a jon boat to access your favorite hunting areas. This is a simple yet effective way to repair your expensive rubber hunting boots. You can pack the patch material in your back pack and it will work to get you back to camp but there you should do the complete repair explained in these directions.

rubber boot repair


Tear-Aid produces many types of repair patches. Type B shown here is for vinyl repairs. They make a patch strictly for rubber but the vinyl sticks fine to rubber boots. Make sure the boots are clean and dry by wiping with an alcohol pad that you can pack with the patch material. You will cut the patch material to extend an inch beyond the damage all the way around. If there are any seams within this area trim the patch so it doesn’t extend over that seam which can compromise the patch and cause leaks.

Once you have your patch material trimmed to shape remove the backing and place it onto your rubber hunting boots. Be sure to lay the patch evenly over the damage making sure not to have any voids. When the patch is cleanly attached with no wrinkles or bubbles then use your finger to push the patch firmly onto your damaged rubber hunting boots. You can use a heat source at this point to help with adhesion. A heat gun or      hair dryer will work and if you are careful maybe a lighter. Heat the patch up just until the adhesive underneath turns a milky color. This should clear up after it cools.

rubber boot repair




After the patch is securely on the boot then use something like a knife handle or penny to firmly press the patch or burnish the patch to get max adhesion and to remove all air. Use your free hand to press from inside the boots to allow for max pressure while doing this. Now apply your shoe goo thinly over the patch. Using your finger, or another tool, spread the goo thinly over the patch. Make sure you spread the goo 1/4 to 1/2 inch beyond the patch. Once this dries apply a second and then a third layer of shoe goo to your repair. 

This repair is clear and is even hard to see, if your worried about that sort of thing in your hunting boots. Finally dab a drop of shoe goo on the inside of your rubber hunting boots to add just another layer of protection as well as a little more durability to your repair.

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