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Caldwell Shooting Bag

5 Bags For Shooting

Caldwell Deadshot Shooting Bag Combo

The Caldwell Deadshot Shooting Bag Combo is thoughtfully designed and produced from high-quality and water-resistant 600 denier polyester. This material is very durable and reliable. It gives you an opportunity to use it despite the weather conditions. This makes it good for any shooting purpose from target practice to hunting game. The Caldwell Deadshot is easy to transport due to its quick-connect feature. It can be put on almost any shooting surface. This makes the Caldwell Deadshot extremely practical.

Caldwell Tack Driver Bag Rest

The Caldwell Tackdriver Shooting Bag is a perfect choice of unfilled bags. I can easily call Caldwell tackdriver one of the best shooting bags on the market. First of all, it’s a well-constructed Item with high functionality. One of its main features is a self tightening surface that grips your rifle and reduces felt recoil and muzzle jump. The rifle will be steadily positioned and you will be protected from the high recoil rifles.

Economy Shooting 3 Bag Combo

This Economy Shooting Bag Combo is a set of three black colored bench rest shooting bags. They are high-quality material bags that come filled or unfilled per your choice. The top of the bags are rugged, they are made of a nylon material for maximum durability and reliability of the bag. This combo gives you the possibility to use it with almost any kind of rifle for different shooting purposes. It can be easily filled with any filling of your choice.

Protektor Model Rabbit Ear Rear Bag

The Protektor Model Rabbit Ear Rear Bag is a good choice for any shooter due to its reliability and practicality. The Protektor model combines well thought out design and high-quality materials. It has top grain leather. Natural materials increase usability and durability. It also provides you with the best target acquisition capabilities. Made in the USA this bag comes filled with sand. The bag is ready to use out of the box.

Caldwell Tactical Deadshot Combo

The Caldwell Tactical Deadshot Combo is constructed for tactical rifles and provides easy and accurate target acquisition. The construction of these bags gives you the opportunity to place them in different ways and use them with any kind of action rifle. They also reduce recoil for the comfort of the shooter. The dimensions of this item ensure the perfect height and are good for any shooting purposes. The design of the front bag gives clearance for 30 round magazines and also works with tactical style bolt-action rifles. The Caldwell Tactical Deadshot combo works great in reducing recoil jump by gripping the rifle stock when placed in the bag.

Light Weight Filler for Shooting Bags

If you are looking for a lightweight filler for your shooting and hunting bags by significantly reducing their weight, look no further!

Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Shooting Bag Fillers are the right choice for you if you are wondering how to decrease the weight of your shooting bag without decreasing performance. 

Spex•Lite® Shooting Bag Fillers outperform ordinary shooting bag filler materials. Compared to other materials, Spex•Lite® provides the following benefits:

  • Doesn’t absorb water that can weigh the bag down
  • Does not get hard when wet
  • Doesn’t create dust
  • Doesn’t create noise
  • Don’t break down like other materials
  • Does not promote mold or fungus
  • Doesn’t attract animals that can chew through your shooting bags

For a high-performance, lightweight shooting bag filler, go with a patent-pending product designed to help you hit the mark on both weight and performance. Check out Spex-Lite 

Shooting Bag Filler From Home

If you prefer simple and economical shooting bag filler here are a few suggestions.

Alternative Shooting Bag Filler

Cat litter

Air soft pellets

Corn cob media

Walnut media



Poly Pellets

Shooting Bench Rest for Rifles and Shotguns

With a benchrest, the rifle sits atop a front and rear rest. When shooting competition the rules may differ. The rests may be two separate rests or one connected rest. The shooting bags sit atop a sturdy table. The table usually has a bench attached along the side and explains the name benchrest.

Sitting on the bench, with the rifle solidly positioned on the rest or shooting bags, helps with accuracy. The idea is that everyone shooting this way has the same advantage. By shooting on a solid platform or table using a shooting bag or two the competition can be a matter of millimeters.

If you aren’t shooting competition and only shoot to hunt then a benchrest can help you understand just where your rifle is shooting. Using the bench and bags for rifles will eliminate most of the shooter’s error from the shot leaving you with the most accurate knowledge of where your rifle is hitting. This is vital before hunting season so that you have the confidence that your rifle is going to perform and hit its mark.


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