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Click Here For Our Sign Up Form To sign up for our Newsletter is a place to find practical information for enjoying the outdoor lifestyle. Hunting, fishing, camping, and cooking are our focus. Whether you fish for fun or fish to enjoy the harvest, the information within this website will help you discover and learn more about the outdoor lifestyle.

Whether you hunt mature bucks or your mantra is “brown and down” it’s OK I understand both sides because I’ve done both and there’s nothing wrong with either. The camping information within this website will usually be in conjunction with hunting and fishing because that’s what we do. Backwoods squirrel hunts and truck camper turkey hunts are the norms. There will be tips on using a Jon boat to camp in the backwoods and set up a great backwoods camp to enjoy a week or a weekend. This website is not a prepper or end of the world website but the information within will help you survive. You should have fun learning and practicing these great skills that outdoors people have been practicing their whole lives. If you are new to the outdoors and want to learn about living in the woods then by all means join us and learn. Ask questions.

Alaska is the Last Frontier and if you ever wanted to travel to Alaska I can help. As a young man after Desert Storm, I ran to Alaska and worked in the bush for 20 years as a helicopter mechanic. While the helicopter was flying in the mountains all day I was able to fly fish the many streams that surrounded the camp. Even flying out on the helicopter to find more streams that I can only guess had never even been fished. The Dolly Varden, cutthroat trout, halibut, and all the salmon in Southeast Alaska, where I lived on a boat for a couple of years, was my target and I pursued them relentlessly. Then to the interior where Rainbow trout on lakes and grayling in the streams were cast to with my custom built 3 wt G-Loomis fly rod that brought plenty of fish to the net.

I hunted Brown bear and Black bear along the shorelines of the inside waters and in the mountains where I also hunted the magnificent Black-Tailed deer. My first deer hunt in Alaska was in a friend’s Cessna 150 taildragger that landed me and two friends on the beach of Admiralty island. We had to recruit a friend because the boss man, that promised to fly us over in one of the company floatplane refused because it was -10 degrees. He told us he didn’t want to be responsible for us perishing in the cold. Within an hour I had a doe hanging and the heart cooking over a fire when my friend returned. One of my friends, Dave, had some dried corn chowder soup and he added it to the simmering heart. That was one of the most memorable hunts in my lifetime and there are many. It was also the most delicious camp meal that I remember.

We love to cook our wild game here at RAO so you will find wild game preparation and cooking information too. The recipes here are those that I have enjoyed over the years. I search for new recipes all the time and most if not all are easily prepared over a campfire, cooking stove on the tailgate, or the stove at home. I have also started growing vegetables and will offer those experiences and lessons going forward. The flavors are just so much better when you grow your own. If you love to cook or intend to take up cooking more then planting a few ingredients in your backyard or even on your patio will add tremendous flavor to your dishes and is well worth the effort. These are all part of the outdoor lifestyle that Rambling Angler Outdoors hopes to convey to its visitors. It’s our mission to introduce, teach and provide information about the outdoor lifestyle and ultimately help in the recruitment of more people to the outdoors to enjoy our American traditions and continue the great lifestyle that the outdoors can provide.

There is so much more to this website and I hope that you will sign up for our outdoor newsletter and stay in touch for more outdoors. Our newsletter is a great way to keep up with what’s going on here at Rambling Angler Outdoors and learn about the outdoor lifestyle. It is also a way for us all to stick together in the pursuit of our way of life in the enjoyment of our American Traditions and keep those traditions alive through fellowship and recruitment of those interested in the outdoor lifestyle.

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