Squirrel and Dumpling Recipe

Squirrel and Dumpling Recipe

Childhood Memories of Squirrel and Dumplings

Enjoy the harvest

I can remember as a young boy when I was walking the hills of Tennessee with my single shot 16 gauge Winchester trying to kill a few squirrels for dinner. Hunting has always been as much about eating to me as anything else. Even before I began to cook my own wild game my mom or my grandmother would always prepare wildgame as long as I harvested and cleaned the critters. I was scolded when the squirrels weren’t cleaned well enough, I’m so thankful that I was. It made me think about what I was doing. It carried over to all other things in life. So many hunters today hunt because “it’s the thing to do” I hunted because I knew when I got them back home we was going to have something good to eat and man we did. Still my favorite is Bobwhite quail with mashed potatoes and white gravy and biscuits and this squirrel and dumpling recipe is right there with it. These dumplings make it yummy.


The drop dumplings is how my grandmother fixed them. The first time I had the rolled out dumplings (I call those noodles). Always wondered why they were calling them dumplings. I like those flat dumplings ok, but nothing is as good as the fluffy dumplings. I call them drop dumplings since I found out about those other ones. This squirrel and dumpling recipe is the one that we fixed when I was a kid the only variance would be when my grandfather fixed it there would be a large amount of black pepper. He loved black pepper and I even fix a stew that I finally matched to his by adding way more black pepper than is reasonable. It is good though. So enjoy this squirrel and dumpling recipe and be sure to have fun hunting the squirrels it is all about the whole experience. Enjoy the Harvest 

Recipe Ingredients

  • 3 whole squirrels
  • Bisquick Mix for dumplings
  • 1 large can of chicken stock (optional)

Recipe Instructions

  1. Boil squirrel until meat falls from the bone
  2. Remove meat from bones and return to pot
  3. Add chicken stock or stock retained from boiled squirrels
  4. Follow direction on box for drop dumplings

Thicken stew with flour and or cornstarch. You can add some milk or heavy cream or just let the dumplings do their magic. You can add celery and carrots or peas like traditional chicken and dumplings. This recipe is simple with just salt and pepper to taste.


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