Choosing a Squirrel Hunting Vest

squirrel hunting vest
Choosing a squirrel hunting vest Ken McBroom

Choosing A Squirrel Hunting Vest

What to Look for In a Squirrel hunting Vest

  • Look for the camouflage that matches your surroundings where you hunt.
  • Look for strategically placed pockets for what you like to carry in your vest.
  • Read reviews or try on squirrel vests to make sure it fits comfortably.
  • Choose the right material for the season, mesh for warm season and fabric for cold weather.

There is nothing better than feeling the weight of a few squirrels in your vest after spending a few hours in the woods. It is very important to have a squirrel hunting vest that fits good and is comfortable. You can go simple with your squirrel hunting vest but it’s nice to have a few creature comforts built in. Things like strategically placed pockets and a cushioned seat that is easily stowed out of your way while walking.

I used to squirrel hunt with a backpack, but I prefer to just slip my squirrel into the back pocket of the vest when the action heats up. With a backpack you have to remove it from your back to put your harvested squirrel into it. A fanny pack can work with a vest if you like. A fanny pack works great on an all day squirrel hunt. The best compromise is a squirrel hunting vest that can carry everything you need, even for a day long squirrel hunt. These are a few tips on what to look for in a squirrel hunting vest.



This is where the money comes into play. There are low cost vests that you might want to leave in a hole on the ridge. Some vests don’t fit very well. The most frustrating thing is when the vest won’t stay on your shoulders. It might fit very good in the store but when you’re in the squirrel woods it will become aggravating if it doesn’t fit properly. This is when you find out that the vest just is not comfortable. This lack of comfort is exaggerated when it’s full of squirrel. It can make a great squirrel hunting trip turn sour. So having said all that be sure to keep this in mind and read reviews and maybe spend a little more money for a squirrel hunting vest that will not only add comfort to your hunt but also last a lifetime.


There are many special features and storage options on hunting vests. From compartments, gear loops, to a good game bag the features can make or break your squirrel hunting vest. In reality a hunting vest only  needs to do a couple things. Keep your important items close at hand and haul your harvest. If you only do short hunts on your farm or an hour or two in the woods somewhere and your vest accomplishes these functions then about any vest will do.However, if your like me and tend to spend the entire day in the woods and sometimes even cooking a small hot lunch when the action slows in the middle of the day the extra compartments, pockets and comfort becomes much more important.


There’s nothing worse than putting your squirrel hunting vest on after you get to the hunting grounds and find out that it just doesn’t fit over the bulky winter clothes needed for that arctic blast that just moved in. Be sure to check for an ample amount of adjustability in your vest if you want to use it all season long. I have a lightweight vest I use during warmer hunting days but I can use it over winter hunting clothes as well. Be sure you check the straps and its ability to stretch on the sides. Stretchability is vital in a squirrel hunting vest. As you move through the woods there’s many factors that will expose an ill fitting vest. This is hard to see when in the store trying it on so again reviews and experience will play into this decision.


Today’s hunting vests are pretty elaborate and even have chairs that are built into the vest. You can also get a vest with a removable cushion that easily stows either by velcro, magnets or some other for of secure attachment that keeps the cushion out of the way of your legs while walking. You can leave the vest cushion hanging and I often do when I am in a hurry to get to another set because  saw some squirrels. During this time I have never notice the cushion hanging down. You will notice it when the hunting is slow and you are walking long distances to find one.


As mentioned above hunting vests can range greatly in price. Sometimes you can find a suitable vest at a low price point of say $20-$40 but if your hunting is extreme or all day long my suggestion would be to go with a premium hunting vest for comfort, reliability and longevity. The upper price point of say $75-150 and higher hunting vests are well made and can handle the abuse that the hardwoods can put on it. They are also ergonomically constructed with reinforcement and stretch where needed giving you a great day afield.


Years ago my suggestion would be to find an outdoor store and try on your hunting vest before purchasing. Now days with accurate review processes you can find a great squirrel hunting vest by shopping online. Check out these hunting vests at amazon for a great selection. Trying your new vest on would be great but keep in mind that it would be hard to locate the many available hunting vest on the market available only online. Look for vests that have good reviews. These can tell you if there’s a problem with that particular vest. There are far too many great squirrel hunting vests out there to settle for whatever your local retailer has on the rack. You can also get some good deals by shopping online.


Hunting vests are available in a wide range of colors. These include everything from blaze orange  to full on camo and mixed colors. Which one to choose normally comes down to personal preference. Some hunters like the blaze orange when hunting public land and be as visible as possible to other hunters. Other hunters prefer to go camo with their clothing and rely on touches of orange on their vest and maybe a hat. There are plenty of vest color combinations  fit your needs.


While there are many hunting vests on the market not many are listed as a squirrel hunting vest. A turkey vest is a perfect vest for squirrel hunting. Aside from a few special pockets used for turkey calls turkey vests are perfectly suited for squirrel hunting. These pockets can often be adapted for other uses while squirrel hunting. Adapting your turkey vest into a squirrel hunting vest is a great way to utilize one piece of gear interchangeably with the seasons.

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