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First Issue Begins March 2024

Subscribe to our digital outdoor magazine to support the outdoor lifestyle. I created Rambling Angler Outdoor Magazine to help support our outdoor lifestyle and traditions. Through tips, techniques, recipes, and stories from afield it’s our mission to introduce the outdoors to people interested in joining all of the great people who love the outdoors. It is also our mission, through decades of experience afield, to help people become better anglers and hunters with some cooking and camping too.

Why I charge for Rambling Angler Outdoors?

A paid subscription allows us to focus more on content with stories from the field and not revolving around products. You will notice very few ads in our magazine. The ads used are those that support this mission. The products in our store is what we use to help fund the magazine and we appreciate everyone for that support.

So many publications, both print and digital, are going away and leaving a void. We hope to fill that void with the information we bring to you. Also, the fewer entities we have to deal with the better the content. I can spend all of my time focusing on our magazine for you. I also plan to offer fishing and hunting camps to my subscribers to bring together people that love the outdoors.

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