Fall bass fishing
Bass Fishing

Fall Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing in the Fall Fall Bass fishing can be some of the most exciting of the year. With the pressure of bass tournaments and recreational anglers, fall bass can prove to be a very […]

how to fish the wacky worm
Bass Fishing

How to Fish the Wacky Worm

Wacky Rig for Bass HOW TO FISH THE WACKY WORM RIG The wacky worm is probably the most underutilized technique among the presentations that produce the best action under many circumstances. The wacky work doesn’t […]

Float and Fly Hair Jig

Float and Fly Hair Jig

Tips for Fishing the Float and Fly Hair Jig Use spinning reel with a good drag. A smooth drag is vital when using light line Use a long rod in medium light power. Lots of […]

big bass small waters
Bass Fishing

Big Bass Small Waters

Big Bass On Small Waters These days bass fishing is a wildly popular pastime with big boats and fancy reels and we do our best to keep up with the onslaught of lures and lines, […]

pre-spawn smallmouth bass
Bass Fishing

Pre-Spawn Smallmouth Bass

Pre-Spawn Smallmouth Bass The pre-spawn smallmouth bass bite is most unpredictable until the water temperature rises into the low 50 degree range. At that time there is a major movement into the shallows by both […]

catch suspended bass
Bass Fishing

Catch Suspended Bass

Suspended Bass And How To Catch Them While there are many reasons why bass will suspend in open water and some still unknown as studies continue. As for the angler it doesn’t matter why it […]