wintertime crappie

Wintertime Crappie

Wintertime Crappie Fishing CRAPPIE FISHING IN THE WINTER CAN BE TOUGH Wintertime crappie fishing can be tough, but crappie caught in the winter months can be the biggest of the year. Most crappie will relocate […]

catch crappie in thick brush,tips to fishing thick brush

Crappie in Thick Brush

Crappie Fishing In Thick Brush If you fish for crappie very often you know how they love to hang out in some nasty thick brush. Fortunately there are ways to get these crappie out of […]

swimbaits for slab crappie

Swimbaits For Slab Crappie

Swimbaits for Slab Crappie Swimbaits might be the rage when it comes to bass fishing, but swimbaits are an often overlooked tactic for big crappie. Big crappie eat big prey. Unlike smaller crappie slabs prefer […]