bobber jigging for crappie

Bobber Jigging For Crappie

Crappie Fishing with a Bobber and a Jig How to Bobber Jig for Crappie Bobber jigging is a simple presentation for many different scenarios. The bobber jig rig is a simple bobber attached to the […]

when crappie don't bite

When Crappie Don’t Bite

What to Do When Crappie Don’t Bite There are times when crappie will bury up in thick brush or hug a stump extra tight. You can see them on your graph or you caught them […]

How to Find Crappie Brush Piles

How to Find Crappie Brush Piles

FIND CRAPPIE BRUSH PILES IN THE WINTER Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to find crappie brush piles. Those stumps, Christmas trees and stake beds are invisible after the water rises and when the […]

swimbaits for slab crappie

Swimbaits For Crappie

Swimbaits for Slab Crappie Swimbaits might be the rage when it comes to bass fishing, but swimbaits are an often overlooked tactic for big crappie. Big crappie eat big prey. Unlike smaller crappie slabs prefer […]

crappie from shore

Crappie from Shore

River Bank Crappie Crappie are probably the most sought-after fish in America. Plenty crappie are caught from shore by anglers. There are many great rivers throughout America that are home to the crappie. There are […]