Running rabbits and saving maters
Rick Bramwell

Running Rabbits and Saving Maters

Thoughts From The Forest Running rabbits and saving maters. Rabbit, quail, and pheasant season opened on November 1. I have not seen a quail in six years and the pheasants I released 20 years ago […]

fun hunting rick bramwell
Rick Bramwell

Thoughts from the Forest: Fun Hunting

MUCH NEEDED WOODS TIME After a two-day visit to my daughter Jourdan and her fiancé Ryan Blue in Nashville, I got back to fun hunting. I needed some woods time after negotiating all the traffic. […]

thoughts from the forest Rick Bramwell
Rick Bramwell

Thoughts from the Forest A Walk In The Snow

Thoughts from the Forest Rick Bramwell A WALK IN THE SNOW Tuesday morning greeted us with two inches of snow and a record low temperature. I couldn’t wait to get in the woods. Deer, rabbits, […]