lobster shrimp roll
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Lobster Shrimp Roll

Lobster And Shrimp Roll Recipe This lobster and shrimp roll begins with fresh lobster and shrimp, but frozen will do. I live in Kentucky and we have a local fish market where we can get […]

Venison Pizza
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Grilled Venison And Sausage Pizza  

Venison Pizza With Sausage Everybody loves grilled venison and sausage pizza. And when it’s a pizza, made with ingredients you took part in harvesting, it only gets better. This grilled pizza recipe is a simple […]

wild turkey salad recipe
Enjoy The Harvest

Wild Turkey Salad Recipe

The first time I tried this recipe I cut the lettuce into a wedge because this is a wild turkey wedge salad recipe. The problem was the turkey wouldn’t stay on my lettuce […]