Tips for an All Day Deer Hunt

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Tips for an All Day Deer Hunt

Deer hunters are a fidgety lot. Most realize that sitting on a stand all day long maximizes their chances of scoring on a big buck. However, few hunters can complete an all-day sit on a regular basis. These tips will help you master the all-day deer stand sit.

Comfort is paramount to long days of deer hunting. Being uncomfortable in a stand is one of the reasons that hunters give up. Stands that are too small and roughly built are key elements that will shorten your sit time. Hunters should Invest in the best, most comfortable stand they can afford.  A Stand with cushy seats and backrests are so comfortable that you can easily nap in them. I have woke to several deer feeding around my tree many times. There is one thing about it, when sleeping you are still and quiet.

Scout Your Deer Hunting Area

Through scouting you should have confidence in your stand placement. This is paramount to hunting all day. Spending long hours in a stand without seeing game gets old in a hurry, but through knowledge, through scouting, your thoughts can be occupied by knowing that the deer are around, and it will just take time. If you only enter the woods and hang a stand you don’t know if deer are even using the area making it easier to want to get down and move. Stand placement should be based on hard evidence that deer are, in fact, using the area. Set up along travel lanes, pinch points, feeding and bedding areas. These areas should be thoroughly scouted before the season opener.

Trail cameras are great for investigating these sites. Keeping records, from each season afield, will improve your chances season to season. Keeping a notepad, or today your cell phone, you can record a note throughout your hunt as well as during scouting trips to save a wealth of information for future reference. You will be surprised, especially with age, how much you forget about. The deer you see and where and recording kills will increase your odds of success each year. By looking over your notes, after a few seasons, you will begin to see a pattern. This doesn’t have to be the same areas that you hunt year after year.

Although you will be able to narrow your regular hunting area down very well, you will also learn things that about the whitetail deer that will help no matter where you hunt. Your confidence level will improve with this knowledge and make it much easier to sit all day knowing your chances are good.

Keeping Yourself Nourished and Hydrated

Attention spans wane when hungry or thirsty. Carry foods and liquids that can easily be carried in a day pack. I like summer sausage and cheese with some cookies for dessert. Carbohydrates are important for energy and warmth. Granola bars are great and compact. Trail mixes, nuts and jerkies are superb foods. It is a good idea to have something for breakfast too. I usually have a bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal is quick and easy to prepare even while camping and it, as my granny used to tell me, sticks to your ribs.

 When Nature Calls on the Deer Stand

The need to relieve yourself is a daily function. Human urine contains ammonia just like deer urine. However, deer don’t seem to fear human urine. A study I read years ago had a wildlife biologist using various urines in buck scrapes to see which one spooked deer if any. One of the test was him urinating in the scrape himself. Surprisingly, even to the biologist, the human urine had the most revisits from bucks than any other and it wasn’t even close. So, I have never worried about urinating in the woods near my stand.

In fact I once urinated at the base of my tree before climbing up. First, I kicked out a hole in the dirt then pushed the dirt back over when done. I got up the tree and within 10 minutes a group of deer came down a trail about 75 yards away. One doe broke from the group, walked straight to my dirt hole and literally stuck her nose in the dirt and sucked it into her nostrils. I shot her and she never took a step, I had to step over her to get out of the stand. I have also read that fresh dirt gets a deer’s curiosity aroused so maybe it was a combination.

Boredom Can Kill an all Day Deer Hunt

If you are short on patience, take a book or magazine along to help pass the time. Many carry cell phones or tablets to their stand so they can read or play games. I have killed several deer with my bow while a football game plays in my ear. Regardless, provide yourself some type of distraction to prevent boredom. I have found that when listening to a game or a book I am able to sit more still. I guess with the boredom I want to watch the woods more intently. This isn’t a bad thing but does require more movement as you use your binoculars or turn to look around the tree. I have been busted doing this.

Scent and Deer Hunting

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