Wings or no Wings on Bluegill Jig

wings or no wings on bluegill jig

Entomology is the branch of zoology dealing with the scientific study of insects

Wings or no Wings

During my fly fishing days I was fascinated by entomology. It was vital in tricking a trout that had seen every type of fly known to man drifted into its path. At least with a fly that closely resembled the prey it was actively feeding on, you had a chance. Entomology, albiet slowly, entered into my pursuit of bluegills and shellcrackers.

These aggressive panfish are usually ready to eat any buggy looking jig or fly that comes within a reasonable distance from its insatiable appetite. However, over the years I have slowly learned that by presenting a lure or jig that best represented the insect they were eating at the time you can get more bites.

This is why here at Rambling Angler Outdoors we offer the Hairy Cricket Jig as well as the Bluegill Jig. The Hairy Cricket Jig has wings and a hairy body that represents a bug at full stage. Like say a mayfly that eaither just finished turning into an adult or an adult that has fallen into the water. On the other hand the Bluegill Jig has no wings and a more nymph like body representing and insect that is just emerging from the gravels to make its way to the surface to become an adult and fly away.

While bluegills and Redear will bite about any buggy looking presentation when you “match the hatch” you can go from a good day fishing to an epic one.

The metamorhosis of an Earwig (insect order Dermaptera) from Larva, to Nymph to adult. Earwigs is the name given to a group of insects (called Dermaptera). They are characterized by wings they

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Jig for Bluegills

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