Watch Bald Eagles In Nest With Babies

Watch Baby Bald Eagles Live In Their Nest

Dale Hollow Eagle Cam is entering its 6th season with a live camera watching the nest of American bald eagles. This eagle’s nest is located on Dale Hollow Lake, a 30,000-acre lake located on the Tennessee-Kentucky state line. Bald eagles are being viewed in their natural habitat. Viewers might witness attacks by barred owls, other eagles, and could see the injury and/or death of one of the bald eagles and/or their eaglets.

Dale Hollow Eagle Cam is permitted to be near this eagle’s nest only once per year. July and August when the eagles are away from their nest. Dale Hollow Eagle Cam can make camera maintenance and adjustments during this time. Dale Hollow Eagle Cam will not violate any federal laws or go near this nest during any other time of year. Human intervention in the lives of bald eagles will only endanger the nest. It could also endanger the eagles, their young, and could cause them to abandon their nest. If anything happens to the cameras during the nesting season, Dale Hollow Eagle Cam will not go near the nest as the camera will remain off until the permitted July/August “off-season”.

Therefore, please view this camera with discretion knowing that no one will go near this nest for any reason other than to watch, from a distance, with binoculars. Nature will take its course at this nest and we will not intervene.


Expect Natural Events With This Bald Eagle Nest

If you witness a disturbing situation at this nest or if you witness an attack from an owl or other predator, please don’t expect immediate feedback as to the condition of the eagles. Dale Hollow Eagle Cam relies on viewers, spotters like you to send reports to us. This takes time when the reservoir is so large. Bald eagles have a broad range and they may not be within camera view for days or weeks at a time. The camera only shows a small area of the eagle’s daily life. It only shows the nest and not the many, many miles that bald eagles travel each day. If you must know the location and/or condition of these eagles every minute of the day or night, you could become worried by watching this nest live. We will not make the journey of several miles to the nest each time a viewer is disturbed that they have not seen one of the eagles in a few hours or even days. Watch and enjoy this live bald eagle camera with discretion. Please know that disappointment and tragedy can and will occur along with the great joy and beauty of these magnificent birds of prey. Pray for God’s protection of the nest, the eagles, and their eaglets. God created the bald eagles, and all living creatures and knows best, and is in control. Please change the channel on your TV or change websites on your computer if you find watching these Eagles in their natural, wild habitat disturbing in any way.

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