stuffed venison tenderloin

Stuffed Venison Tenderloin

Wild Game Recipes

Bleu Cheese and Portobello Stuffed Venison Tenderloin Stuffed venison tenderloin is so delicious just fried or grilled with a little salt and pepper and maybe a little spice added that I seldom seek new recipes […]

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Kylie Moody; The Dancing Turkey Hunter


Kylie Moody; The Dancing Turkey Hunter The great outdoors provides for an excellent lifestyle for those that embrace its lessons in family, humility, woodsmanship and harvest. Ken McBroom     THE STORY BEGINS IN GEORGIA […]

st croix bass glass rods

St. Croix Glass Rods

Bass Fishing

St. Croix Introduces Two New Chatter Bait Rods 2020 Legend Glass & Mojo Bass Glass Park Falls, WI (March 12, 2019) – Building on extensive customer feedback, St. Croix glass rods is proud to introduce […]

charlie brewer slider fishing

Charlie Brewer Slider Fishing

Bass Fishing

Charlie Brewer And The Slider Fishing Technique There is a great fish story that began in Lawrenceburg, a small town in Tennessee. Charlie Brewer Sr. grew up in Lawrenceburg. He was always tinkering and experimenting […]

Raising Worms for Fishing Bait

Raising Worms for Fishing Bait


How to Raise Worms for Fishing Bait If you like to use worms for bait then raising your own has plenty of advantages. Raising your own worms for fishing bait saves you money and time. […]

How to Catch Deep Water Crappie

How to Catch Deep Water Crappie

LOCATE AND CATCH DEEP WATER CRAPPIE The key to finding deep water crappie is fish locating electronics. Electronics have come a long way since your grandfather’s flasher unit. I even had one of those paper [...]
early season crappie

Early Season Crappie Tips

How to Catch More Early Season Crappie 3 Tips to Locate and Catch Early Season Crappie Check shallow cover first Fish out toward the main lake following likely migration routes, like creek channels, until you [...]
  • Springtime Flatheads
    How to Fish the Flathead Spawning Season Spring is just around the corner and so is the flathead spawning season. There’s a growing number of catfish anglers around [...]
  • bluegill fly fishing
    Fly Fishing For Bluegill Visions of bluegill fly fishing danced in my head as the cold front proved to put the bluegills down with just a rare take [...]
  • Bass Fishing
    CATCH SUSPENDED BASS While there are many reasons why bass will suspend in open water and some still unknown as studies continue. As for the angler it doesn’t [...]


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