panfish on ice

Panfish On Ice

Locating Panfish Under The Ice Fish near other ice anglers with panfish on ice. If you are new to a lake and you see a congregation of ice anglers at one end of the lake […]

bowhunting public land

Bowhunting Public Land

Bowhunting Public Land Tips The 2015 bowhunting season was a little delayed this year for me. I was 12th overall in the Hoosier BFL division and fished the regional at Kentucky Lake. Hopefully, my bow […]

best line for jerkbaits

What Is the Best Line for Jerkbaits

Jerkbait Line: Monofilament or Fluorocarbon There is much debate on what is the best line for jerkbaits. Monofilament might be the choice when you want your jerkbait to suspend. Fluorocarbon might be the line of […]

campfire cobbler recipe

Campfire Cobbler Recipe

Campfire Cobbler With Homemade Whipped Cream There is nothing better than a late-night campfire cobbler indulgence around a warm fire in the cool fall evenings. My wife and I love to camp in the fall. […]

rambling angler outdoors

Hairy Cricket Jig For Bluegill And Redear

Hairy Cricket Jig
Micro Fishing Jig

Micro Fishing Jig

Mini Jigs for Fishing About 1974, I became acquainted with Lewis Layman. He was making a 1/64th ounce micro fishing jig for bluegill. He called it the Layman jig. I was already writing this column, [...]
Tournament Crappie Fishing

Tournament Crappie Fishing

CRAPPIE BOAT SETUPS As a kid, my dad bought a lot of boats. I think he just liked fixing them up, then we would get another. We had big boats and small boats and they [...]
  • wintertime crappie
    Wintertime Crappie Fishing CRAPPIE FISHING IN THE WINTER CAN BE TOUGH Wintertime crappie fishing can be tough, but crappie caught in the winter months can be the biggest [...]
  • all night oatmeal
    A Hunter’s Breakfast There is nothing like waking up to the smell of this recipe especially in the camper the first morning of your trip. I love to [...]


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