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deer summer sausage

Deer Summer Sausage Recipe

How to Make Deer Summer Sausage Summer sausage is the perfect grub on a long day of hunting. Whether you’re still hunting through the woods for a squirrel. Or climbing Alaska mountains hunting the alpine […]

camping gear list, gear for camping

Great Camping Gear List

Amp Up Your Camping Experience With This Gear Camping is an outdoor activity, where you live in a shelter home or tent. Not all camping expeditions need to be adventurous; however, efficient planning is essential […]

Birds and Bass

Birds and Bass

Find the Birds Find the Bass There are many subtle clues on the water that can help you locate fish when bass fishing and birds can be the simplest clue of all. Birds can help […]

pond hopping for bass

Pond Hopping for Bass

B. Lat’s Day Off Pond Hopping For Bass Tournament-winning angler talks simple, down-to-earth tactics for small waters Ladson, SC (October 9, 2019) – It’s the day before a major FLW Tour event, and rising star […]

Putting The Move on A Locked Up Gobbler

Putting The Move on A Locked Up Gobbler

When A Gobbler Won’t Come In Unless you are hunting turkey land delight, you have experienced when a gobbler won’t come in. We always called these turkeys, locked up gobblers or hung up turkeys. Oftentimes […]

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Hairy Cricket Jig For Bluegill And Redear

hairy cricket jigs big redear

Hand Tied Crappie Jigs

hand tied crappie jigs
blue cat guide service
double minnow rig

Double Minnow Rig for Crappie

What is the Double Minnow Rig The double minnow rig consists of 2 hooks, an in-line or 3-way swivel and an egg or barrel sinker. The hooks, usually gold Aberdeen crappie hooks, is tied 18 [...]

Deer Hunting With A 458 Win Mag

.458 Winchester Magnum Rifle There’s a gentleman I correspond with who has been hunting deer using a .458 Win Mag during the last couple of years. Sort of like the guys I’ve described in previous [...]
  • catch spawning channel catfish
    Channel Catfish Channel Catfish- Ictalurus Punctatus is the most fished for species in America with around 8 million anglers fishing for them every year. The channel catfish also referred to as “channel cats” is widely [...]
  • campfire cobbler recipe
    Dutch Oven Cobbler With Homemade Whipped Cream There is nothing better than a late-night campfire cobbler indulgence around a warm fire in the cool fall evenings. My wife and I love to camp in the [...]
  • deer recipe, venison burger, venison recipes
    Classic Venison Burger Recipe There’s absolutely nothing better than a simple, classic venison burger with lettuce, tomato and pickle topped with crispy bacon slices for good measure. While [...]
  • how to hunt squirrels in the spring
    Hunting Squirrels In Spring Learning how to hunt squirrels in the spring is different than hunting squirrels in the fall or winter. Squirrels eat different foods in the spring and you will find them in [...]

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