fish kabob

Fish Kabob Recipe

Grilling The Fish Kabob A Fish Recipe by Jack Hennessy For Rambling Angler Outdoors The secret to successfully grilling Fish Kabobs with your favorite fish Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Fish Kabob INGREDIENTS – four skewers needed 24 ounces […]

bobber jigging for crappie

Bobber Jigging For Crappie

Crappie Fishing with a Bobber and a Jig How to Bobber Jig for Crappie Bobber jigging is a simple yet effective presentation for many different scenarios. The bobber jig rig is a simple bobber attached […]

Venison Quesadillas

Cheesy Venison Quesadillas

Venison Quesadilla I often hear people say they just have too much ground venison left from last season and are tired of the same two recipes they use it for. It seems that for some […]

boat dock bluegills

Boat Dock Bluegills

Boat Dock Bluegill Fishing Tips There are times when the fishing is slow, especially during the dog days of summer, but there is a place that often produces even on the hottest days. Try a […]

rambling angler outdoors

Hairy Cricket Jig For Bluegill And Redear

Hairy Cricket Jig
Know Your Baitfish Threadfin Shad

Know Your Baitfish Threadfin Shad

Threadfin Shad- Dorosoma petenense KNOW YOUR BAITFISH The threadfin shad is a small pelagic fish common in rivers and reservoirs in the southeast USA. Like the gizzard shad, the threadfin shad has an elongated dorsal fin. [...]
public land gobbler

Hunting Public Land Turkeys

Tips for Fooling Public Land Turkeys Lots of scouting- Find where the public land gobblers are hanging out Locate less pressured gobblers- There are areas on public land, that has less pressure Plan your hunt- [...]
  • March Crappie Migration
    Where To Find And Catch March Crappie During Early Spring Migration Spring is a time for crappie fishing. With March beginning to warm and cabin fever at its peak, crappie anglers across Kentucky are preparing tackle [...]
  • Thank you for supporting our mission
    Kylie Moody; The Dancing Turkey Hunter The great outdoors provides for an excellent lifestyle for those that embrace its lessons in family, humility, woodsmanship and harvest. Ken McBroom     THE STORY BEGINS IN GEORGIA [...]
  • squirrel tail jig for bluegill
    Squirrel Tail Jig To Catch Big Bluegill I can remember when I was a little boy fishing with my dad, a couple uncles and my grandfather. We were in a very small boat, a 16 [...]
  • Choke For Slugs
    Shotgun Choke For Slugs Most of today’s shotgun barrels are threaded. These threads are used for interchangeable chokes and can make the shotgun more versatile. With the wide range of shotgun chokes one question pops [...]


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