fishing gar

Fishing for Gar with a Gig

Fishing Gar Gigging As Spring comes into full effect and the sun shines a little longer and hotter, I get the daily itch to be at the river. Few things bring me as much consistent […]

rat l trap crappie

Rat-L-Trap Crappie

Rat-L-Trapping Dirty Water Slabs Bass anglers know when the water gets muddy, in the spring, bass move shallow. The same is true for big crappie. These slab crappie act much like bass. Crappie will move […]

st croix bass glass rods
Bass Fishing

St. Croix Glass Rods

St. Croix Introduces Two New Chatter Bait Rods 2020 Legend Glass & Mojo Bass Glass Park Falls, WI (March 12, 2019) – Building on extensive customer feedback, St. Croix glass rods is proud to introduce […]

speckled trout

Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout Tips and Techniques Big Speckled Trout How To Catch Them Stealth is the key to catching big speckled trout. Whether it be the approach or the lure silent and subtle wins out when […]

flathead catfish

Flathead Catfish Q & A

Questions From Rambling Angler Readers Are Bullheads Good Bait for Flatheads Yellowbellys or Bullheads as we call them are great for spawning flatheads or anytime for that matter. The bullheads stay alive much longer and […]

3 baits for smallmouth bass

3 Baits for Smallmouth Bass

3 GREAT BAITS FOR SMALLMOUTH I can remember as a boy wading creeks and streams in search of smallmouth bass. There is no better fighter on the end of your line than the acrobatic smallmouth […]

fine tune finesse
Bass Fishing

Fine Tune Finesse

How Hi-Vis Braid Detects Subtle Finesse Bites Ten years ago, anglers were scared to use highly visible braided line. They preferred less visible lines For fear of the fish seeing it and not biting. That […]

swimbaits for smallmouth
Bass Fishing

Swimbaits For Smallmouth

SWIMBAITS FOR SMALLMOUTH One question that many of my clients ask me is, “What is the best smallmouth bass lure?” That is far from an easy question to answer because much depends on the conditions, […]

crankbaits for early bass
Bass Fishing

Crankbaits For Early Spring Bass

Crankbait Tips for Early Spring Bass Crankbaits come in all shapes and sizes and painted every color of the rainbow. There are so many choices that many anglers lose sight of the a very important […]